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Gamers all around the world visit CompareGameHosting to compare prices of game servers. Our audience are almost all avid gamers. They range from very young to very old but fall mainly in the 18-34 age range with most of those (95%~) being males.

Typically people who visit CompareGameHosting are looking to rent a private game server. This will be for them and their friends to play a multiplayer game on to keep track of the score. This is a simplified version of what we compare prices for. Most people usually don’t understand what this site is helping people find when we explain to them. Although most people don’t understand this website, they will have experienced its benefits. If you play on a game server then chances are it was found using this website.

Our visitors return again and again simply because of what we do and how we do it is a cut above the rest. You can easily compare prices of private game servers without it being biased.

We manually keep track of games, hosting companies and the prices that appear in our price lists. This is a manual job and hasn’t been automated is down to the industry itself, very little live data is available. So because of this we have to rigorously check daily for changes and make amendments.

Our most popular games are the type of games that people keep returning to again and again. Games like Rust, Ark Survival Evolved and Minecraft have so much replay-ability. Once people get bored of the latest faddy game they then return to them.

What Are People Saying About CompareGameHosting?

We welcome constructive feedback. People like to vent how they feel on social media and review websites. Here are some of the sources of where people are talking about us:

Our YouTube Channel

To keep up with the times we have branched out into YouTube video production. This is to make it simpler for our visitors to find what they need. Our “server hosting overview” videos for the most popular games explain what is on the page. By using visuals and an easy to understand presenter we break things down. You can watch a video showing what you would learn while visiting the game page on our site. You will still need to visit the price list though to find the prices of the cheapest/best host. You should be able pick up the rest of the information from the video.

We are aiming to add as many videos as we possibly can to our channel over time. Why not get involved and subscribe to our channel and like/comment on our videos.

Click Here to visit our YouTube channel

How Reliable Is Our Data?

We try our best to keep prices as up to date as possible but game hosting companies don’t tend to push out reliable data feeds for us to work on so this requires a lot of manual work. However we are constantly researching and sourcing hosts and games in order to give gamers the information and prices they need before deciding on a host to use.

Data Changes?

If you’re one of our hosts or just a nice person who wants to help us out, you can highlight any wrong pricing or any other data. Please contact us via our contact us form, and we will investigate the issue.

Who are we?

CompareGameHosting is part of GamingCompanions Ltd. which is a small group of Gamers that have a passion for marketing, design and website building.

Get Listed

Are you a game hosting company looking to be included on CompareGameHosting? Well we have a brand new on-boarding process that starts with an application on this page.

You can find us or write to us at this address:

Gaming Companions Ltd.
Sheepbridge Business Centre
Sheffield Road
S41 9ED


Please note that the reviews within CompareGameHosting are the opinions of gamers. We have added the steam login system in order to avoid fake reviews. However, we are not able to get this right 100% of the time due to the amount of reviews in our system. We pride ourselves on getting it right 99% of the time.

In some cases reviews have been transferred from other sites to CompareGameHosting. which we do allow if we are consulted first and have been contacted by the host. In most cases the host is worried about losing previous reviews by switching to our system. We work together with hosting companies to ensure any genuine review is allowed on the site.

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