About Us

What Is CompareGameHosting.com?

Compare Game Hosting is a free price comparison site for the game server industry. You will find reviews of most of the major game hosting companies around the world along with their catalog and prices. The main attraction here at Compare Game Hosting is the games, we continuously add the latest and greatest games along with the prices you can expect to pay for the slots with the hosting companies.

How Reliable Is Your Data?

We try our best to keep prices as up to date as possible but game hosting companies don’t tend to push out reliable data feeds for us to work on so this requires a lot of manual work. However we are constantly researching and sourcing hosts and games in order to give gamers the information and prices they need before deciding on a host to use.

Data Changes?

If you’re one of our hosts or just a nice person who wants to help us out, you can highlight any wrong pricing  or any data entries that you find incorrect. Please contact us via our contact us form, and we will investigate the issue.

Who are we?

Comparegamehosting.com is part of gamingcompanions.com which is a small group of gamers that have a passion for marketing, design and website building.


Please note that the reviews within comparegamehosting.com are the opinions of gamers and the community. We have added the steam login system in order to avoid fake reviews, however we are not able to get this right 100% of the time due to the amount of reviews in our system, but pride ourselves on getting it right 99% of the time. In some cases reviews have been transferred from other sites to comparegamehosting.com which we do allow if we are consulted first and have been contacted by the host. In most cases the host is worried about losing previous reviews by switching to our system, so we work together to ensure any genuine review is allowed on the site.