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Affiliate Disclosure

We are calling on all of our visitors to help us out massively. You may or may not be aware that we make money from the sales that we refer to the game hosting companies that we feature on this website. We do this in order to pay the bills, such as:

  • Hosting – with so many visitors and a technically dynamic website our bills aren’t small
  • Development – this site is a full time job to maintain and develop further
  • Advertising – to make sure that we can help as many people out as possible we have to advertise otherwise we are stood in an empty room shouting to ourselves!
  • Content/News – in order keep our news section full of useful well researched stories we need pay a professional writer

How We Make Money

When you click through on our price lists there is a high chance that you will follow a link that will earn us a small percentage of the sale that you complete. Game hosting companies share this affiliate payment with us as a thank you for referring that sale.

Sounds Shady

You may think that this sounds shady, well you would be right in thinking that as if you check most hosting comparison sites they are ranked by who pays the most. Even Google Adwords is ranked by who pays the most for the top spot.

The price lists here at CompareGameHosting aren’t ranked by who pays the most, they are ranked by price.

How You Can Support CompareGameHosting

By ensuring that you follow through a link on our price list that is labelled “Buy Now” you will be marked as a visitor we sent. When you go through and pay for your server we then get credited and that helps support this site.

Will the game servers cost me more?

No, our site helps you find the best prices so by using this site we will save you money. The cost of your game server will cost no more by using our site.

Can you see my information?

No, we cannot see your personal details before or after the sale. All we know about you are what we can guess from your IP address: your location, which helps us show the right regions that are relevant to you.

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