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Ark is a well-known survival game on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. A new expansion was recently released that adds tons of new content to the already well-established game. All new creatures and items are available in game and offer new mechanics and gameplay. Abberation is the second expansion pack released which followed the Scorched Earth expansion that released last year. The expansion costs a flat rate of $20, but is included for free in the Explorer’s Edition which is essentially the season pass.

Ark Aberration Setting

The setting has been described as a damaged ARK where the internal atmosphere has been damaged. As a result, extreme radiation now burdens players and creatures alike. New underground biomes have been preserved and offer plethora of greenery that is characteristic of the original ARK map. The system of underground biomes is very complex and has the potential to confuse players and add a whole new dimension of online play. In total, there are four explorable regions in the new map and all of them pose different challenges.

New Ark Items

There are many new traversal items added with the new map that are necessary to thrive in this radiation filled wasteland. Wingsuits, ziplines, and climbing picks are all new items that will change competitive and cooperative play alike by giving players with these items a huge advantage. By learning advanced engrams, a player can be in an even more advantageous situation. Hazmat suits are available for protection against the harsh radiation. Glowsticks allow players to see in the underground biomes and at night along with charge lanterns.

New Creatures

With the introduction of radiation, there have also come a great number of new and altered creatures. Existing creatures are now affected by radiation poisoning and as a result will now glow in the dark. New creatures will also inhabit the radioactive wasteland that have gained unique abilities. For example, the Rock Drake is able to climb walls and glide while camouflaging itself to match its environment. The Bulbdog is a friendly creature that lights the way for players when in a dark underground biome. However, the most exciting new creature is the Reaper Queen. The Reaper Queen is able to impregnate enemies and burst their chest open within a matter of seconds! Try to picture the original Alien movie’s most famous scene inside an open world survival game. Totally awesome!

Improved Graphics

The graphics in this new expansion are very aesthetically pleasing, and creates a whole new experience never before seen in ARK. The colorful underground biomes matched with the radioactive surface makes for an incredibly exciting environment that will encourage players to explore each nook and cranny. This is a massive improvement in the general feel since Ark Survival Evolved started out.

How People Are Responding To Ark Aberration

This new expansion has greatly peaked my interest. It is a great contrast from the bland desert map, and will have me playing and experiencing everything it has to offer for a countless number of hours. I haven’t been this excited about ARK since the base game was fully released last year.

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