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Throughout the last several months, Studio Wildcard have been putting a lot of work into Ark. Even more specifically, a lot of tender love, and care. Close to everything in the game is on its way to receiving some much needed love. Throughout these changes, they’ve teased new visuals, abilities, and balance changes. Oh, and plenty of other extras to go along with the new TLC update. Since they’re doing it in phases, they’ve only gotten around to doing phase 1 as of right now. As things have moved along, however, they’ve finally released some information pertaining to phase 2 of the new TLC update.

Legacy Servers

Before we kick things off with the TLC update information that has been revealed, we should talk about some legacy servers. A number of legacy servers are set to be turned offline, so be sure to keep an eye out. The last thing you’re going to want to do is start on a new server, that’s just about to die. Now, onto what we’re really looking for, TLC phase 2 tid-bits!


Starting off with the Raptors; easily one of the most iconic creatures in Ark, the Raptor has certainly changes. While the devs have stated that they wish to keep the dinosaur viable for its early game usefulness, it is receiving some changes. Well, other than just the visuals that is. Designed to act as a team, Raptors that work together will have a pack leader. That pack leader will then be able to make a certain cry, allowing for increased movement and attack speed. Another addition is the pounce ability, which can pin down players and smaller creatures inside of Ark. This means when you’re out exploring on foot, you best keep an eye out for wandering Raptors at all times. Before too long, that pounce is bound to get you!


Moving onto the Sarcosuchus or the Sarco for short is the game’s Alligator. Needing some changes for a while, the Sarco will finally be getting one when phase 2 hits. What’s to be expected is three new attacks, each of which is just as useful as the last. First of all, we’ve got the death roll, which grabs a target and has the Sarco roll whilst holding them, dealing a high amount of damage. Secondly, it has a 180-degree attack that allows the Sarco to attack behind itself suddenly. Thirdly, it will be given a short lunge attack to take its prey by surprise, even if that prey is another player.

Then of course, the Sarco will also be gaining some new visuals for phase 2 of the new TLC update. This way, the dangerous Sarco is going to receive a refreshing and frightening new look. Keep an eye out, before too long, this new version of Sarco will be hitting the live server. As of right now, though, that date has yet to be officially revealed.

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