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As the year goes on, the world continues to wait for Ark: Survival Evolved, one of the most interesting and renowned survival games is to receive some news for the long haul. While the developers over at Studio Wildcard are keeping their lips relatively tightly shut for the most part, they have let slipped some information for one of the game’s biggest updates in the form of the TLC update, along with some more generalised bug fixes and whatnot.


In this latest tease, they’ve revealed some of the bigger changes for some of the games dinosaurs, starting off with everybody’s favourite bird, the Argentavis. To start off with the most obvious changes, the bird is receiving a visual update to make it more in keeping with the rest of the TLC update to make the Argentavis look considerably more fluffy and deadly all at the same time.

While the Argentavis has been known to pick up another player and carry them around in its claws, you will also be able to do it using the creature’s beak, so you can have two passengers – willing or otherwise. To account for the bird’s carrying capacity, certain materials, such as obsidian are going to be considerably lighter when in the bird’s inventory. Once the Argentavis consumes a corpse, the bird will then receive rapid health regeneration, making it a ‘flying tank’ as the developers put it.


Onto the second and last dinosaur for this TLC teaser, we’ve got the Spinosaur, which is also going to be receiving a visual update to match the rest of the TLC update. With this update, the Spinosaur gains the ability to switch between two different stances, one on two legs and another on four. Whilst it is on two legs it will move slower but deal more damage and while it is on four legs it won’t gain the increase in damage, however will be able to move at a much faster rate than if it was on only two.

Making the Spinosaur more useful whilst in the water, the Spino will gain a buff which allows it to move faster, increase its damage output, and even regain health when fighting in water and the buff will retain to the dinosaur some time even after leaving the water.

Ark Update Overview

As of right now, that’s the last of the TLC teasers that the developers have mentioned online, and as such, it’s about time we moved onto the general patch notes that have made some actual changes to the game. For the most part, these are all general optimisations and bug fixes, but what has been revealed that phase 1 of this new TLC update is set to be of the week of February 18th, meaning that players aren’t going to have to wait much longer for a new excuse to jump right back into Ark once again.

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