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Arma 3 is considered one of – if not – the best hardcore military-simulator out on the market right now and has been ever since its release in 2013. Throughout that time, the game has received plenty of new updates and DLC to increase the life of the game tenfold with one of the latest DLC’s for the game being released back in the end of November.

To begin things, we’ve got the usual bug fixes that come along with almost all updates that games see nowadays, along with some typical quality of life changes and optimisation to make the game easier to enjoy with higher optimisation.

Tac Ops DLC

Moving onto the latest and greatest DLC for the military-simulator, we’ve got Tac-Ops, a DLC that was released on November 30th, 2017. This new DLC takes place 9 years prior to the East Wind conflict and civil war currently rages through the Republic of Altis and Stratis. With the inclusion of this DLC there are 3 new singleplayer operations – spread across 7 different missions – for players to take part in that will test all of your refined skills in this hardcore military-simulator.

Tac-Ops has an “evolving battlefield” that means depending on what objectives you failed, complete or ignore can affect the outcome of the battlefield, creating more replayability than some of the previous content in the game. On top of this replayability, you can pick and choose different units to play as to experience the conflict from a different perspective and maybe get something else out of the DLC you weren’t originally expecting from it in the first place.

While this may be slightly on the smaller side, this latest DLC does include newly composed music tracks to accompany every new operation you take on as a squad. There’s also some more Steam Achievements for you to unlock, providing you can follow them down to a t – which can definitely be easier said than done in some cases. Something scenario-creators are going to love is the inclusion of new scripted systems, which is designed to help create even more advanced custom scenarios for Arma 3, resulting in even more content for the average player; a great overall trade off for the player.

Due to the sandbox nature of this latest DLC, every single mission can be tackled in new and interesting ways, by land or by air; all depending on the approach you wish to take for it. More importantly, however, the latest DLC to be teased from Bohemia Interactive is the new Tanks DLC. This new DLC is set to be released for 2018 and is going to have 3 new fully-armoured vehicles and more playable content, but won’t be out until the first quarter of 2018.

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