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Blackwake is one of those cooperative titles that has you truly work together as a team. By refusing to work like a team, you’re only bound to die that much faster. While you’re out on the open waters, you should really take all of the friends you can get! With each new update Blackwake brings something new to the table, be it minor or major. Regardless of what the developers add to the game, it always manages to improve the game in some way. As such, here is a short list of some of the latest news and updates for the game, up until now.


After following up from the success of update 3.0, the devs have decided that bug fixes were in order. Well, that and some balance changes for different parts of the game. First of all, what they’ve decided to balance is the gameplay of Team Deathmatch and Siege Mode. They’ve stated that the balance for those two modes just aren’t at the level they’d be looking for. Hence why some time and effort is being put into them to try and find a nice middle ground. After all, while it may be fun to one shot someone every now and again, it’s not quite the same if it’s always happening to you.

A big part of their latest balance patch is on a number of different ships for the game. In some areas ships are too powerful and in others they are just a bit too weak. To keep them in check, they’ve released this balance patch to ensure everyone’s on an even playing field. Initially, the Brig has had its front guns adjusted to be more forward, and they now have a more equal angle. The second to front guns are now parallel, adding another shot to the broadside. On top of that, the ship now turns 30% faster and sinks 20% slower as well.

Moving very briefly onto the Galleon, the wheel has been properly centred for consistent aiming. Onto the Cruiser, it is now considered destroyed earlier, so it does not turn into a submarine. Plus, the speed has been decreased by 30%. The Schooner’s turn rate has been reduced by 40% and sinks 20% faster now. Moving onto the Gunboat, it sinks 20% slower overall. The Bombketch’s mortar will now be able to fire if the ship is moving; a big detriment of it beforehand. It will also sink 20% slower and there is an additional ammo crate to make front guns easier to load. Second to last, the Cutter has additional ammo crates for the same reason as before. Lastly, the Hoy now sinks 10% slower in general.

As of right now that’s all the news and updates for Blackwake, but there is bound to be more revolving in this game before too long.

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