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Minecraft News “REALMS PRICE DROP!”

REALMS PRICE DROP! It was announced on Dec 14, 2015 in an official post that Mojang were dropping the prices on their Realms server hosting by about 12% in order to attract more people to use the realm hosting over the 3rd party Minecraft hosts such as, Bisect Hosting, McProHosting, Nitrous Networks and the other […]

Top Tips: Game server hosting

Game server hosting One of the main questions people tend to ask both online via the steam community or game blogs is “What server hosting company should I use?” or “Who is the best host for this game?” Chances are if you’re looking for a server for you and your friends or community you would […]

FastPointGaming no longer operates.

Where have  fastpointgaming gone?  We received and email on Tue, July 21, 2015 announcing that fastpointgaming has gone bust. Email from Ricky at Fastpointgaming: “We regret to inform you that FastPointGaming Ltd no longer operates. An Issue with Paypal holding 90% of our fund + another 30% of all payments recieved for security reasons due to […]