Minecraft News “REALMS PRICE DROP!”

REALMS PRICE DROP! It was announced on Dec 14, 2015 in an official post that Mojang were dropping the prices on their Realms server hosting by about 12% in order to attract more people to use the realm hosting over the 3rd party Minecraft hosts such as, Bisect Hosting, McProHosting, Nitrous Networks and the other […]

Free Modded Minecraft Server Hosting

“Free” Now if your anything like myself and the rest of the Minecraft community, chances are you would have searched for free Minecraft server hosting or Free Modded Minecraft Server Hosting right? We have all been short a couple dollars or our parents wont let us use the family card to buy a $5 a […]

Best minecraft server hosting

Top Tips: Best minecraft server hosting   Looking for the Best Minecraft server hosting? Well you have come to the right place. Today comparegamehosting.com will be taking a look at some of the Best Minecraft Hosts that the internet has to offer along with a List of Pros and cons for each company. Choosing a […]

Most Popular Minecraft Mods [August 2015]

Minecraft has set itself apart from many other games throughout history as the pure king of not only replay-ability but also sheer number of players. It seems everybody has played Minecraft at some point and has gone through the phase of being stuck to the screen digging downwards into a magma filled cave discovering a […]