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Throughout the majority of 2017, the developers over at Bohemia Interactive have been working hard to give their fans more and more new content for their ever-growing military shooter, Arma 3, a game many hardcore shooter fans can never seem to get enough of and that seems to be okay, as there’s plenty to enjoy in this game and it never ceases to end. Malden was released on the 22nd June 2017 and is a completely free to play and download piece of DLC for the Arma 3 fanbase. Inside this piece of DLC are a few content updates, along with a new, remastered version of a map from the original Arma – something many fans are bound to get a kick out of knowing.

To kick things off, we’ve got the most important addition in this DLC and that’s Malden 2035, the brand-new map that’s included alongside this DLC. Malden 2035 is a recreated version of the original Malden terrain that was in the very first Arma game, but uses many vanilla Arma 3 structures and other similar assets, but also includes new additions such as coloured buildings, vineyard, and barns as well. This new recreation was originally created for Argo – another Bohemia Interactive FPS – and as a result, this has led to a lot of flow for the overall feel of this map and is reported to being “ideal for close quarters combat.”

Arma 3 Malden Combat Patrol

Alongside the latest map thrown into the game, Malden also came with its own new game mode, which has been dubbed Combat Patrol. This mode is a quick and dynamic co-op multiplayer experience where you play a member of an infantry team, along with the possibility to select the area of operations. All playthroughs are set to be unique and heavily randomised, all to create that interesting and unique experience every time you try it.

Other than these 2 new additions, there isn’t too much else added to the game because of Malden, with the only exception being for content creators. Content creators are given access to a new barn, along with some new coloured buildings that can be used however they see fit. Oh, and the survival mode for Arma 3 is now available for both Malden and Tanoa, but the latter does require ownership of the Arma 3 Apex expansion, as that’s where you find the map in the first place.

To top things off, there’s some new additions made to the official soundtrack with the inclusion of the classic Arma Cold War Assault and Arma 3 main theme songs for owners of the official soundtrack to enjoy as they play the game. Other than that, not much else was added to the game, other than a few bug fixes and general improvement here and there to make the game stable for players encroaching back into the game.

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