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Who Are Polar Servers?

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When Polar Servers joined CompareGameHosting we sent them a questionare to fill in so we can get to know them better. Here are the answers they provided us:

When did you form your game hosting company and why?

We formed Polar Servers back in early 2016, me and James were interested in offering a cheap and reliable solution to people for their Garry’s Mod server. Due to me having some spare money and James having the technical know-how, we launched Polar and have still been running quite well into 2018!

What experience of game hosting did you have before you formed your GSP?

Generally the same stuff, overpriced and barely any support. Also one of the factors that played role into the formation of Polar Servers.

What have been the most important lessons you have learnt during your time as a GSP?

To stay calm, and stay helpful no matter what. What sets apart reseller hosts is simply the service. We try our best to make the service at Polar Servers of the highest quality.

Where do you see your GSP in 3 years time? What does the future hold for your company?

As long as it’s financially viable, me and James keep finding motivation to improve our services. We would love to be able to create our own machines one day and collocate them to our preferred data-centre.

What has been your main game? Have you maybe focussed on one game and specialised in hosting it?

One word, service.

How do you handle support in difficult situations? ie. a developer completely changes the dedicated server file structure and knocks out all of your servers for a game

We’ve actually had this quite a few times, as always we stay calm and if we catch any of our support agents to be rude or disrespectful, we swiftly deal with them (We track all our conversations with our clients).

What Early Access or young games do you see taking off in the near future?

A personal favourite would be s&box and Mordhau. They would seem to have promise in the game hosting market.

Has there been a situation where you have had to deal with a difficult request and how did you respond to it?

Many times, too many to count honestly. As always, staying calm and friendly is the main goal and we try our best to help the client as far as our knowledge goes.

Do you sponsor any Twitch/YouTube channels and if so would you like to give them a shout out?

James sponsors 2 streamers: Genesis_Yeke and Jorimtje (my personal Twitch)

Do you offer your customers any free additional services or go further than your competition in any way? ie free BuyCraft subscription / mod support

We offer the cheapest prices there are to offer for Garry’s Mod. Additional services are our vast experience with running large-scale communities before. We know a lot of problems that can arise and we can give fitting advise on how to fix the issues that might occur.

Author: Alex Booth

Alex is responsible for overseeing the content on CompareGameHosting. With 5+ years experience in the game hosting industry he has seen the good and the bad.

Alex keeps an eye on whats going on in the game hosting world and keeps the News section of this website up to date with it. A lot of the articles in the Reviews & Guides section have been written by Alex based on his technical experience and findings.

Polar Servers Reviews

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Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star

Published 2nd February 2018

Steam Verified Logo Steam Verified

One of the best server hosts out there.

Ive been with Polar for over 5 months now and I've had no problems. The price may be dirt cheap but that dosent reflect its quality. My server runs extremely fast with little to no lag with over 40 players online.

lil Henrinz Thumb

lil Henrinz

Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star

Published 2nd February 2018

Steam Verified Logo Steam Verified

Amazing host

This is a very cheap host that's really good, only thing that might need a bit of change is the DDOS protection but everything else is on point!

DamZy Thumb


Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star

Published 1st February 2018

Steam Verified Logo Steam Verified

I recommand this host!

This hosting is cheap and really good

Yeke Thumb


Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star

Published 1st February 2018

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Polar Servers are one of the BEST out there

The price of their hosting is dirt cheap yet they offer great hosting solutions to meet all needs from web-hosting to game servers, their support it phenomenal, i had an issue with my site not loading, the support team couldn't fix it so the founders took it on their plate to assist me


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