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This game takes the art style from Minecraft and creates a Telltale series that is sure to exceed expectations.

Story Mode Gameplay

This game differs greatly from the survival sandbox we all know and love. Instead of being controlled by WASD and a mouse, this adventure is strictly point and click but crafting and building are still core features included in gameplay. The game is focused on collecting items, solving puzzles, talking to characters, and making quick decisions that will impact the rest of the game. In previous releases more mature content has been featured in Telltale games, but this is catered to children and families.


The game takes place in the Minecraft world, or an interpretation of it. The Nether, The End, and the Far Lands are also included in the setting and players can explore these areas.


Jesse is the main character and can be male or female based on what the player wants. Other human characters are also in the game like Olivia, Lukas, Aiden, Otis, and many more. The developers have said that each character is a representation of each kind of Minecraft Player. Gabriel is a warrior who attacks first and takes names later, similar to many Minecraft players. The story is told in episodic form and currently has 2 seasons with more to come. The first episode sets up a lot of the backstory that is needed for the rest of the game and in my opinion, is not as much fun. The main idea of the game is that Jesse is on a mission with his/her friends to find The Order of the Stone which are four players who saved the Minecraft world. I don’t want to give away too much about the plot, but it is very exciting and incorporates the themes of Minecraft very well.

Story Mode Overall

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game, as I have never been a fan of Telltale prior to this one. Maybe this is because I was able to relive adventures like those I had with my own friends, or because I am an avid Minecraft fan. Either way I have enjoyed the series immensely thus far and can’t wait for what comes in the future.

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