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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a great 100 player shooter with endless possibilities for gameplay. With this amazing game comes a bit of a learning curve, and it’s a steep one.

What to know beforehand: PUBG is not a friendly game, and this goes hand in hand with its unfriendly community. I wouldn’t say it is toxic, but the whole point of the game is to kill or be killed. Don’t expect players to answer your questions, even when in a waiting lobby. If they did, they would only decrease their own chance of winning the match as only one person can remain standing. The only way to truly master this game is to play it, but I have a few helpful tips to ensure you will fare better than the vast majority of players.
Start of match: 100 players are squished into one enormous cargo plane and flown over an island (which is the playable area). Once over land, players can begin to drop and parachute down to the ground. I recommend aiming for smaller buildings away from cities and big plots of land as that is where the majority of players will go. Instead, drop on a small community, or a farm with several buildings. This way a player can find and equip some loot before being bombarded with enemy players.

I advise to take what you can get in terms of loot, as every item is valuable in one way or another. Obviously, a gun, a backpack, and ammunition are vital assets that don’t need explanation, but other items like energy drinks, and gas cans may need some explanation. Gas cans can be used as fuel for any in-game vehicle which are scattered across the map, and energy drinks provide players with more stamina.

Middle of Match

The middle of the match is where the meatiest gameplay comes in. An electric field closes in on players which reduces the playable area of the map, forcing players to come into closer proximity of one another. This is the time to find a vehicle and an adequate hiding spot. Running and gunning may work in games like Call of Duty, but a stealthier approach is often necessary in PUBG. Make sure all hiding spots are inside of the electric field and allow for enough time to gather loot and form an idea of how to move once the field starts to close in once again. The field is on a timer and only allows for a few minutes before it becomes smaller. By this time, other players will most likely have been encountered. Hopefully they took some fire and you are still standing strong.

End of Match

I consider the end of the match to be when only 20 players are left. There may still be 10-15+ minutes left in the match, but this is often the most gut-wrenching and difficult time to stay alive. Once only 20 players are left, the competition becomes much more intense as these players are often times the most experienced, or at least stealthiest. By this time, the electric field will be very small, and the 20 players left will be frighteningly close to one another. Stay calm, and don’t go out into the open unless necessary. Pick off anyone who is in the open, but do not reveal position to enemy players. Once there are 2 players left, it will be a battle of wits. Grenades? Throw ‘em. In the open? Find some cover.

Follow this advice and I’m sure you’ll be a winner winner chicken dinner in no time!

Author: Alex Booth

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