Dedicated Game Servers

When you need a large amount of processing power without interruption you have 2 options, seeking a VPS or dedicated server. Both of which have there positives and negatives (mainly driven by price) which are discussed here:

Gaming VPS

A Virtual Private Server is essentially a server running on another server probably alongside other VPS’s that you will pay monthly for. A gaming VPS will typically be cheaper than a dedicated server as the supplier will be able to get more customers onto a physical machine and so make more money from there asset. The shared aspect allows you to save money by sharing cores of a CPU with others, usually as your need for power increases the server you are on will provide it to you unless somebody else’s server is using the resources. So for a gaming VPS the upside is that you will be able to get a better deal and elastic power on demand if it is there with the downside being that if the power is not there you wont be guaranteed it.

Dedicated Gaming Server

For those players or clans that demand power a dedicated gaming server is a must. Typically the dedicated term in the name refers to the fact that cores of a CPU are set aside for only your virtual server, unless you have specifically rented a physical machine. You may be put onto a physical machine with several other virtual dedicated machine and have cores of a CPU split among you making the package a more cost effective solution.

What You Get With Both

You should expect to get your own IP address that allows you and others to find your server where ever you are around the world. You should also expect an installed and running operating system ready for you to go ahead and get your game server application running without any troubles. Typically game servers run on Windows but some gaming companies will release the dedicated server application for there game in a Linux format. This Linux version is great news for gamer’s as Linux servers are typically cheaper as the operating system is open source compared to Windows Server operating systems requiring a license and adding on average £10/month on top of your bill. Be sure to investigate if a Linux version is available for the game you want to host as this can decrease your monthly cost and open up a whole new market of cheaper servers.