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10 precios de alojamiento del servidor Avorion [2018]

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Control your own galaxy within a private game server using one of these reputable hosting providers. We have marked the cheapest and best Avorion server hosting companies at the top of the list. More prices will be added as more game server providers start offering this game.

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    Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en Inglés Estadounidense. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

    Take to deep space in Avorion, a procedurally generated sandbox where players are left to their own devices to build a space ship exactly as they desire. By using scalable blocks, that space ship of yours can be designed as anything that comes to mind, since these blocks have such a varied amount of range and uses, any idea that you can think up will be a realisation in this game, regardless of the size of it all. Currently in development by Boxelware, the game is available on Steam’s Early Access platform and is consistently being updated to bring the best space-faring sandbox game around.

    As you would expect from the deep recesses of space, there’s plenty of dark corners within the game. With nothing more than a nearby star lighting the way – oh, and the giant blue and green laser beams that shoot out from your ships in an epic Star Wars inspired fight that you won’t see from much else.

    The procedural nature of Avorion results in plenty of randomness to explore and appreciate with a buddy as you explore the deep, dark inches of space. Not everything is going to go exactly as planned, since space hasn’t exactly been considered safe for some time, but that makes every new discovery that much more interesting with every new find. Avorion’s biggest draw to the game, however has and always will be the space ship building, as you can keep it as simple as you desire or make it more complicated than most games today to make ships that resemble whatever you could think of. Just be sure not to go it alone, as Avorion plays a lot better with a friend or two by your side, that’s for sure.

    Best Features

    Avorion gets some great reviews of Steam, here we cover the best points about the game according to real people who have played the game:

    • The developers have constantly worked at turning Avorion into  a good game based on what the community has relayed back to them. This is a rare and great sign that an epic game is being born. A lot of the time developers abandon projects and move onto something else to make a quick burst of sales.
    • The story/campaign mode is brilliant, people are saying that playing it alone without going onto online servers is entertaining
    • The deep customisability of ships using the in game editor lead to an infinite number of possible creations
    • The game has re-playability, many people in the review section say that they have played it in the past, dropped it, and then came back to a much better game

    What People Are Saying

    This game initially received a lot of negative reviews, with many people complaining that the game was released to early on the Steam store. Even though the game was released as an early access title it appears it was still too heavily in development to be entered into this program.

    Many players that actually gave positive feedback on the game, commenting that they had refunded the game but later regretted this decision. This was because the developers worked hard to address the issues that were raised, with a strong community influence the game has added many changes, thanks to the player feedback.

    Many of the negative comments from Steam are picking out faults in the game. Including glitches and bugs that appear throughout the game. Avorion is still in early access, so it can be rather unfair to give negative feedback so early on in development.

    Similar Games


    If you are a fan of the space based travel and using your brain to solve problems then check out Hellion. In this title you must explore the stranded spaceship that you have woken up from cryo-sleep in and collect resources. With this resources you can fashion tools and weapons to defend yourself and escape the metal prison you have found yourself in.

    Hellion is getting a knocking from players in the Steam reviews section. It appears the game is still very buggy but a good game. This could be fixed easily by the developers and turned around into a good game.

    Scrap Mechanic

    scrap mechanic server hostingPossibly one of the best creative/engineering games around, Scrap Mechanic is on its way to being a genre buster. The game does lack a survival mode right now but according to the developers it is getting closer to actually being available. In Scrap Mechanic you can build vehicles and structures with all sorts of modular parts and controllable elements.

    The game gets a lot of praise for being so versatile and really allows the player to get creative. Scrap Mechanic does on the other hand get criticism, mainly about the performance issues when you get a bit too creative and make large vehicles. Players also attack the fact that the survival mode has taken many years to finally become available, well that is, when its actually released.

    Avorion DLC & Mods

    Avorion DLC & Updates

    Avorion December 2017 Update 12-20-2017

    The combat update has hit the game with improvements made to the way battles are simulated to increase the enjoyment for the player. The developer has also added in a remote commanding element so that players don’t have to switch craft to give commands to nearby ships.

    Avorion Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Avorion. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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