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Who Are AusVeda Servers?

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We asked AusVeda Servers to answer our new host questionnaire and here are the answers they kindly gave us:

When did you form your game hosting company and why?

AusVeda Servers was formed just under a month ago (March 2018) for the pure reason that I currently run and own Australia’s #1 modded Rust server and I felt that I had what it takes to expand
into the game server hosting industry and provide our services and experience to those looking for a company to host their game servers with and at a cheap price.

What experience of game hosting did you have before you formed your GSP?

Like it was previously mentioned in the first question, we currently run Australia’s #1 modded Rust server and feel we have what it takes to bring our expertise in game servers to people around Australia and give them a chance at going on their own journey and running their own community.

What have been the most important lessons you have learnt during your time as a GSP?

As a newly founded company, we’re yet to learn some important lessons, but in the mean time we believe that customer service is a top priority and should be taken very seriously to ensure happy clients. This is something AusVeda Servers prides itself on as we see this to be very important and we will always provide the best help our clients can possibly get.

Where do you see your GSP in 3 years time? What does the future hold for your company?

In 3 years time, AusVeda Servers could literally be the largest game server hosting company in the world or even quite possibly nothing. But fortunately, we believe in AusVeda Servers and see it having a bright future in the years to come. We plan to massively expand our server locations across the globe to provide services to those in different countries and even widen our range of
game services that we provide.

What has been your main game? Have you maybe focused on one game and specialised in hosting it?

I would say our main game at the moment would be Rust as that is our main source of marketing as we are obviously promoting our Rust game servers on our existing Rust servers under the AusVeda name.

How do you handle support in difficult situations?

In any situation, it is important to remain calm and deal with the situation at hand professionally. Like it was mentioned previously, we pride ourselves upon our support team and customer service, and will always ensure to handle the issue whatever it may be in a professional manner. In this case, I would speak with the developer about the issue and if it is a big loss for the company; their service may or may not be terminated.

What Early Access or young games do you see taking off in the near future?

This one is a hard one as we currently only host game servers for Rust, CS:GO and Garry’s Mod (plans to expand). In terms of games taking off, whether they will provide dedicated server support or not, probably SCUM or even DayZ when it goes into version 0.63 as the long awaited update could potentially revive the game (who knows :P)

Has there been a situation where you have had to deal with a difficult request and how did you respond to it?

As a newly founded company, we’re yet to deal with a difficult request from a client of ours, but I’m sure something like such will come up in the future. We’ll always do our best to prevent something like such from occurring, but we’re only human.

Do you sponsor any Twitch/YouTube channels and if so would you like to give them a shout out?

Currently we’ve tried advertising our game hosting company on a Rust youtube channel via our site being placed in their description and as a pinned comment, but we’re more than happy to further sponsor YouTube channels and even move onto Twitch channels.

Do you offer your customers any free additional services or go further than your competition in any way?

We provide exceptional mod support as we are experts in the mod area.

Author: Alex Booth

Alex is responsible for overseeing the content on CompareGameHosting. With 5+ years experience in the game hosting industry he has seen the good and the bad.

A lot of the articles in the Reviews & Guides section have been written by Alex based on his technical experience and findings.

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Published 10th April 2018

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Fast, reliable, good service

I got in contact with ausveda servers when I saw an ad of theirs on a server I play. The response was quick and professional. I was a complete novice to all of this but I was walked through it and the owner did not seem to mind my seemlessly endless questions. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a server, price can't be beaten.


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