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The Minecraft Stock Exchange server is a project being sponsored by CompareGameHosting that aims to be the most complex and in depth example of a working stock exchange in a game.

The project is currently in its infancy and is looking for more talented people to get involved to help out, preferably with these skills:

  • Minecraft building and interior design – people who know how to take the standard Minecraft blocks and make amazingly realistic looking creations
  • Experienced ComputerCraft players – as the whole stock market system will be running on a ComputerCraft network of computers we would love to hear from people with experience in this
  • Staff/Moderators – anybody who has experience in managing a Minecraft server in terms of its joined players to make sure that rules aren’t being broken and people play fair

Current Status

25/04/2018 – A few servers and a basic building

With about 10 hours of work put in so far we have a basic foundation for a NYSE type building that needs further work both inside and out. The stock market system has been born and so far we have 3 computers talking to each other managing some test player accounts.

The next steps are to add the ability to store money and then start understanding how trading is going to work across the network. As for the stock exchange building, a lot of work needs to be done to make sure it looks amazing both inside and out before adding loads of screens and terminals to be used.

How To Get Involved

If you fancy joining in and helping out with this server then just join the Discord server using this URL: https://discord.gg/JnWzHz

Once you have joined the Discord server just ask for more info and somebody will help you.

The Plan

The plan is to have a complex stock market system working on a network of computers set inside beautiful buildings on a server that anybody can access. Players will be able to:

  1. Join the Minecraft server after installing a few basic mods (currently you need Forge and ComputerCraft)
  2. Find a trading terminal (a ComputerCraft computer connected to the network running trading software)
  3. Create an account and get some starting money
  4. Start trading shares and commodities with real world prices

We are going to get to this point by starting with a small system that grows in complexity until it is ready for public use. While the stock market system is being developed the map itself with buildings and interiors will also need constructing and polishing.

Ambitious Plans

As time goes on and the project becomes stable the plans could become a lot more ambitious and features could be added to further improve the server like:

  • Players forming companies and trading groups that share money
  • Players being able to rent offices and control who enters them and uses their computers
  • Computers running custom trading software to create automated rules that trade for them
  • Players being able to form brokers that control the trading of shares like in real life
  • Players being able to form banks and other financial institutions that lend and share money to other players
  • Crypto-Currencies being added to the game
  • Bonds and other more complicated financial instruments being added to the game

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