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Following on from our last mods post for February 2018. We have a bunch more fantastic Minecraft mods for your servers to run.

The Crack Pack

crackpack server hostingThe Crack Pack is the official MindCrack mod collection pack that was designed with some for specific features in order to help and encourage users to explore this minecraft universe in as many ways as possible using an automation process. The Crack Pack as so much to offer both new and veteran Minecraft players. Players will be able to enjoy some of the best mods around with this mod pack. The Crack Pack server hosting is suggested in order to help prevent in game lag that may occur when running a server on your own machine.

Find the downloadable files on the ATLauncher.

Bacon_Mom’s Better Building Pack

Bacon_Mom's Better building packBacon_Mom’s Better Building Pack is great for anyone that wants to fully enjoy creative mode. This pack encourages players to create what ever they can imagine and is packed full of extras including flowers, trees and loads of extra blocks that will really enhance your building skills. with Bacon_Mom’s Better building pack you can truly let your imagination take control as this pack has inspired so many great Minecraft builds.

Find this mod pack on the popular ATLauncher website.

Hermitcraft Modsauce

Hermitcraft Modsauce server hostingHermitcraft Modsauce contains a variety of different mods including classics such as Thermal Expansion, Extra Utilities, Minecraft Reloaded and loads more that are just waiting to be explored including newer mods such as Soul Shards, EnderTech, Beheaded and more. The modpack itself is a huge pack that was built for having fun with. Hermitcraft Modsauce 2 is now available and expands on this great mod with the addition of loads of extra features and mods that are worth checking out.

HermitCraft ModSauce 2

HermitCraft Modsauce 2 server hostingThe HermitCraft ModSauce 2 is a huge collection of loads of great mods for Minecraft 1.7.10 that are available to download on the ATLauncher. The pack contains many great mods including JurrasiCraft, Iron Backpack, Inventory tweaks and many more great mods all waiting to be used in game. No matter how you play minecraft, HermitCraft ModSauce 2 has something for everyone as you can build bases, discover new magic and play with new technology. HermitCraft ModSauce 2 server hosting is suggested in order to help prevent in game lag.

Get the Hermitcraft Modsauce pack 1 and 2 here.

The MadPack 2

the madpack 2 server hostingThe MadPack 2 is an unforgiving modpack in which everything in the Minecraft universe is out to get you so you better watch your back. Please note that The MadPack 2 was designed for Hardcore players that love a challenge so you better be ready for what the The MadPack 2 has in store for you. It’s not all doom in gloom in this mod though as you will enjoy every minute of game play as you try to complete a huge range of different quests and challenges along your way using a combination of Tech and survival skills.

The MadPack 3

madpack 3 server hostingThe MadPack 3 was created by developers Kehaan and Jon Bams who originally created the previous mods MadPack and MadPack 2 that have been very popular across the Minecraft modding community.  Once again the pure “Evil League of totally evil programmers” have returned to take over the world, leaving behind a path of destruction. The only thing standing in the way is you and your friends that are ready to take on the challenge against the evil programmers. Will you Prevail? or will it be too late to save the world? The MadPack 3 server hosting is recommended in order to prevent in game lag.

See the files and news at the hub page here for The MadPack 2 and 3.

Crundee Craft

crundee craft server hostingThere is hours of excitement and fun to be had with the Crundee Craft mod so what are you waiting for? Created by two well know Minecraft Youtubers, fellow minecraft gamers can now join their adventure in this jam packed mod. Their is plenty to do in this mod including building your own custom airships with Archimedes ships or exploring one of the many dungeons and quests that are dotted about this vast world. With loads to do this is definitely a Minecraft mod that all gamers should check out.

Download the latest Crundee Craft version here.

Attack of the B Team

attack of the b team server hostingKnown as one of the best mods available, Attack of the the B Team has already introduced so many Minecraft players to the modding community with their easy to use mods which are both fun and easy to pick up. “Crazy Mad Science” is a term used by the developers of the mod, which really does capture the essence of the game.

Find this mod to download on the Technic pack.

Crazy Craft 3.0

crazy craft 3 server hostingThought Crazy craft 2.0 was crazy for Minecraft? Well now its time to get serious boys and girls as Crazy Craft 3.0 will push you to new limits that will have you fighting for your life in the crazy new custom modpack. Crazy Craft 3.0 has even stronger creepers, mobs and bosses that all have insane amounts of health that will test your skills. The fun never ends in this mod, with so much going on you will definitely need Crazy Craft 3.0 server hosting in order to stop the game from lagging out in the middle of the Withchery bosses.

See here for the news about its launch.

Sky Factory 2

sky factory 2 server hostingSky Factory 2 was created after the huge success of original Sky Factory. Players are dropped on a tree in the middle of a blank map and must use all their skills and the knowledge to create their very own working sky factory. Grow, craft and survive in this ultimate Mincraft mod. In order to reduce lag on this mod pack it is advised that players use Sky Factory 2 server hosting which many game server providers offer due to the popular demand of the mod.

Download the latest version here.

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