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In this article I’ll be looking at a few of the features I’m most excited about in the upcoming 1.9 Minecraft update. Before we go on, I thought I’d mention that Minecraft 1.9 is set to be finished in 2016 (Hopefully early in 2016, but no specific date was given). I should also mention, the features listed are still in development, and could still change.

  1. Elytra. Elytra are basically hover wings, that let you swoop around the skies, and I can’t wait to see it used in minigames. They don’t give you any lift power, so you will need to jump from a big mountain, or tower to go far with them.
  2. 2. PvP. I know we had PvP in almost all updates to this point, but this is gonna change everything. There are shields being added, and you can also dual wield 2 items! All food items now give regeneration, and PvP will be based more on timing, then on strafing and hitting the fastest. This update could either ruin all PvP, or it could give us some epic PvP scenarios.
  3. 3. End Islands. In 1.9 there will be islands spawning outside of the end island (this is where you find the elytra). There are structures out there, which house new mobs and also give a great place to test the elytra wings. Swooping down off the tall houses, down and around the end islands, gives a view of epicness, I would highly recommend trying it!

There is plenty more to discover in Minecraft update 1.9, so I encourage you to go and try the snapshots yourself. But either way, 1.9 will change the way we play Minecraft, I hope it’s for the good!

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