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7 Days to Die isn’t a game that’s seen much in the forms of news or updates recently. Even though the game is a fun survival game that has you build and fend off many zombie hordes. Not having anything to look forward to in this Early Access title was really putting a damper on it. By doing a little bit of digging around, however, it turns out that the developers have plenty in the pipeline. As of right now, they have a new dev diary up that reveals some of their intentions with the game. A lot is set to come by the looks of things, and I intend to report on all of them, if possible!

Vehicle Improvements

Starting off with some of the changes for vehicles and their overhaul, there are going to be some new physics for vehicles. Alongside this, there are going to be new vehicles in the form of a bicycle, motorcycle, and a jeep. To make driving vehicles easier, new camera controls are set to be implemented as well. The jeep is going to be able to damage blocks, with more speed equalling more damage also.

For the player models, they have changed the animations for female and male player models. Depending on the character gender, their animation will reflect as such, and now all characters have a breathing animation set.


Weapons have received a big overhaul from the looks of things so far. Gun parts are replaced with new attachable modifications, which are compatible with frameworks. In loot containers, you no longer find whole guns and instead find weapon parts to piece together a gun. A weapons quality is now determined by how many weapon mods can be attached to it. Unfortunately, removing a mod will potentially damage or destroy that weapon, though.

The game is set to receive a lot of different overhauls by the next patch. For instance, the stealth system is set to be done, more additions and changes to the quest system as well. When it comes to the progression system, it is being redone with a more robust framework. There’s even set to be character attributes to differentiate play style for each player.

All of these new changes appear to be designed to make the game a completely different experience. A lot of these changes have been warranted for some time and is bound to bring plenty of players back to 7 Days to Die. As of the time of writing there is no date set for this latest release, but keep your eyes peeled on this space. Before too long they’ll announce the next patch and 7 Days to Die will continue to be an addicting survival game for all!

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