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Ark: Survival Evolved is one of those games that’s been regularly updated on a near weekly basis thanks to the developers, and that’s not stopped even after the game left Steam’s Early Access platform; a platform that isn’t well known for its completed products, let alone products that continue to be developed afterwards, but Ark is a great exception. With that out of the way, let’s see what the game has coming its way soon.

Dino TLC

Back on the 16th December 2017, the developers revealed a major change to the game in the form of the Dino TLC that is set to be released in spouts throughout the year of 2018. This Dino TLC is a complete visual revamp for the many dinosaurs and creatures in the game, along with some balances, stat upgrades, and new abilities that would fit the dinosaur in question, but they had yet to preview any of the changes officially until the 13th January 2018.

Once again, in this news update they reveal that the first part of this phase for the year is going to be released on the week of February the 18th, meaning that players won’t have to wait too long before they get to see some incredible changes to their favourite creatures. One of the first creatures they touch is the direbear, which is designed to have an increased amount of fur that has a more flowing appearance for that higher level of realism. When riding these bears, bees will only attack the bear and won’t be able to knock the player from the back of the bear and the bear can even harvest from beehives for 2x the standard rate for honey collection.

Ark Survival Evolved Procoptopdon

Next up is the Procoptopdon (it’s a kangaroo) is set to take reduced fall damage; have increased carry weight, and will even gain the ability to carry baby dinos and small creatures within its pouch. These new changes are going to make the Procoptopdon much more than just a utility dinosaur that is used solely for travel and not much else.

Moving onto Bigfoot, this one is receiving the ability to use zip-lines, will now be able to jump and climb much easier, and its attack will degrade armour against an opponent, but only if it is a tamed Bigfoot – one’s in the wild will not be receiving this buff. Then of course, it’s throwing is being improved to make it more accurate for everyone to use without too much confusion.

Penultimately, we’ve got the Direwolf, who is set to be given a new passive that will allow the wolf to locate people and creatures below 50% health and will be indicated via an icon. The wolves howl will now give a buff to both the wolf that’s being rode and any other nearby wolves, and the ability to sniff out nearby explorer notes, as well as detect stealth or buried creatures.

Lastly, we’ve got one of the biggest parts of this game, the T-Rex, a creature that’s considered one of the most powerful in the entire game, and for good reason. Without changing too much to it to prevent it from becoming nerfed or OP, the T-Rex will have its movement improved so that it doesn’t get stuck behind small objects all the time and will be equipped with a new roar ability. This new roar ability will force a target to poop and I’m sure that’s something many players will find some sort of use for online!

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