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Brutal and savage, Conan: Exiles is set in a world where you quite literally start from nothing and must work yourself up to the top, as to survive the harshness of this sand-ridden wasteland. Death and possibly dismemberment are set to be on the horizon and if you’re not careful, you’re bound to be re-spawning with nothing but a loin cloth on your character. With these latest news and updates, we delve into some of the changes that have come about into the game and potentially some news that the developers have let slip over the previous few weeks.

Community Newsletter

To kick things off with this update, we’ve got the latest community newsletter from the developers that has covered some of the changes that they wish to make to the game in the near future. One of the game-play changes they are planning on making are that sandstorms now do damage; while it has yet to be implemented into the game and hasn’t been revealed as to when it will be added to the game, it’s a change that players are going to have to be wary of before too long.

Server Admin

For single-player they are adding the option to turn on server-admin options, rather than just starting out with them, so you don’t feel the instant need to use some cheats when you’re playing single-player and there are fixes to come that solve a lot of problems that seems to only come about after a death, especially in the form of the death markers not working as intended.

Then, of course we have the general bug fixes and optimisations that they are currently playtesting to try and figure out some more of the problems that the game has at the moment, along with the ones that might be added, due to the possible changes in the future.


In terms of combat, its set for the player character to be updated with some more updated animations that look a lot less out of place than the originals and because of this change they are intending to make the same sort of additions to the monsters in the game. After all, it wouldn’t exactly be fair if only the player got to receive all the best parts, so it’s nice to see that the monsters and the creatures in the game are set to receive a little bit of love in a short while.

To end everything off on a high note, the intro of the game has been stated as a little difficult to get to grips with if you’ve never played the game before, so the developers have put a lot of time into an updated HUD and through the use of the Journey GUI, you’ll have some rotating tasks to do to get to grips with the game a little quicker, without forcing the player into a tutorial.

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