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Strange Loop Games have brought an interesting mix of resource gathering, along with world saving. In Eco, you’re tasked with saving the climate in the most ethical and natural way you can muster. All of this creates an interesting look on the sort of world we could potentially end up living in if we’re not careful. Despite the interesting take, the game isn’t exactly finished and receives regular updates. Updates and pieces of news that we intend to look at!

Eco 7.2.0

First and foremost, we’ve got one of the biggest updates in the game for quite some time, Eco 7.2.0. There are a lot of different changes here, first starting off with the general changes. World generation has been tweaked to add more terrain, along with larger regions of biomes. For anyone starting a new game as a new player, you are now given all the basic tools you would need. The stats section has now been re-enabled server-wide for players, but if it continues to slow down your server it can be turned off.

As far as gameplay changes go, they’ve definitely received the majority of the changes overall. First of all, we’ve got the important change that plastic is no longer considered a block. For people that have plastic placed as a block, it should be picked up and placed into storage as soon as possible. Some of the late-game recipes have been tweaked in terms of their overall costs. Plants gained a number of different changes, such as plants disappearing 24 hours after death. Oh, and young plants don’t grow to maturity any longer once they have died.

A lot of growth time has been reduced now, with a few being increased. Some of the decreased growth speed plants are: cedar, birch, tomato, rice, and amanita mushrooms as well. For those that have increased, however, we’ve got: wheat, fern, camas, fir, oak, and the saguaro cactus also. Along with some bug fixes, there are some more optimisations, and some new recipes to enjoy as well.

Eco Report #3

In the latest Eco Report (#3), the developers have teased a number of different vehicles. All of these new vehicles aren’t going to be implemented into the game just yet, but they will soon. These new vehicles are a bulldozer, tractor, combine harvester, truck, grinder, and even more. Strange Loop Games have announced that mid-late April 2018 is when some of these new vehicles are set for release. For the rest, however, we’re just going to have to wait until they finally get around to them.

As of right now, however, that’s all the latest news and updates for Eco Global Survival. Whether they announce the next release date for something more in the future, you’re just going to have to watch this space.

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