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Where have  fastpointgaming gone? 

We received and email on Tue, July 21, 2015 announcing that fastpointgaming has gone bust.

Email from Ricky at Fastpointgaming:

« We regret to inform you that FastPointGaming Ltd no longer operates.

An Issue with Paypal holding 90% of our fund + another 30% of all payments recieved
for security reasons due to a huge influx in sales after the release of Ark has
caused the company to collapse. I (Ricky) no longer operate FastPointGaming Ltd.

If you have already opened your dispute via paypal your money will be refunded by
paypal, we would do this however they are holding our funds.« 

If you had an ARK server or any server that you purchased from them, we suggest that you you seek a refund via paypal rather then the host as from the sounds of it their paypal account has been freezed. It’s not uncommon for hosts to come and go in the server industry as its a tough and very competitive market with a lot of solid companies already demanding a lot of respect from the community for their great services.

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It also appears that Fastpoint is operating again after the domain and website was bought from the previous owner.

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