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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a nearly 15-year-old title, and yet still has a place as a quintessential FPS title for multiplayer. Released originally on PC on the 28th May 2003, Enemy Territory is a free and open source multiplayer FPS game. Set during World War II, just like many titles before it, Enemy Territory is your typical FPS affair. You play as one of two opposing forces and must either eliminate the opposition or successfully take the objective before they can.

The game plays just like any classic shooter that you’d enjoy during the early 2000’s. Half-life, Team Fortress, Quake, and so many other similar titles. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is designed to remind you of those early FPS experiences. While it may not have aged well throughout the years, the title has given players the reason to improve. This game was based during a time where skill was a serious requirement to be any good and the words ‘auto-aim’ didn’t even exist.

While it might be a far cry from some of the latter Wolfenstein games, along with their intriguing stories and expensive assets. Enemy Territory still has plenty to offer in the modern era, though. Be prepared that there is no story within this game. That doesn’t mean there isn’t hours upon hours’ worth of solid multiplayer action for you to enjoy, though.

This right here is a game that isn’t easy to get bored with, and that’s quite an accomplishment considering its age. As far as FPS games go, Enemy Territory has surely taught a lot of popular FPS games the ropes and it shows. Even though that first match may not exactly be perfect, you’ll quickly learn where the charm comes in for this one.

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With Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory being abandoned and made freeware you now download and install it for free. Here are some locations on the internet that should contain links to download the game:

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory DLC & Mods

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Mods

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