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Rust is a fun and hectic survival game that will end up killing you more times than not. Just like any survival game, it ends up being a lot of practice before you start to get good. Even though that becomes more apparent with every death, Rust ends up being a fun title all the same. Every new life keeps you on the toes and creating strategies to take down your rivals and keep your stuff. So, with that in mind, it’s good to see the developers are constantly bringing more and more to the game. Throughout the form of news, updates, and reveals from the devs, this is what we have to look forward to with Rust in the near future.

Devblog 197

For Rust, not too much has occurred as of late, but there has been an update on the 8th February 2018. Called Devblog 197, we’ve got a few additions and changes added to Rust. First of all, we’ve got new additions in the form of frog boots, new trees, and several new tutorials. These tutorials are for road exploration, the workbench, and general research. Hopefully these new tutorials will make things a little easier on the newer player base.

In terms of general changes, the double metal door is now a default blueprint, the AK47 horizontal recoil kicks in faster. Alongside those, we’ve also got melee tips hiding sooner, loot barrels dropping 2 scrap instead of 1, and fire arrows cost 2 cloth instead of 10. Even the wild animals now spawn in their proper biomes, rather than at complete random, along with a few more changes here and there.

Last but not least for this change, there’s a number of different bug fixes that have come the game’s way. First, hilltop rocks no longer overlap on monuments in Rust, and garage doors taking unnecessary splash damage. On top of those, missing mesh references on skinnable items has been fixed. Lighting, VM animations, post processes, and even the foliage system has received new optimisations. As a result, the overall game works at a better pace and framerate for all of its players. After all, the last thing you want before an awesome headshot is your framerate dipping to 12.

End of Early Access For Rust

To end things, we’ve got a brief ‘update’ from the dev team about their new patches. From now on, just after leaving Early Access on Steam, they’re going to be releasing patches at monthly intervals. Each month a new update or patch will come the game’s way and will bring general improvements. Well, general improvements and bug fixes to keep the game up and running until the next patch. Although, it’s speculated that any dire bugs will be quelled as soon as they pop up for obvious reasons.

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