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Unturned is the survival game equivalent of The Walking Dead; if that show was based in Minecraft. Everything looks blocky and minimalistic, and yet it’s all a little bit terrifying at the same time. Keeping yourself well fed and stocked up in this game isn’t always easy, but it is always fun. That becomes even more so when the developer decides to add more to the game, of which they have. For the most part nothing too key has been implemented, but the Greece update is slowly being teased.

Greece Update

After mentioning the new Greece update, it seems only fair to start off with that particular one. In this new update, there is a new expand-alone area called Cyprus that’s available in the Greece map. This new area is available in both Arena and Survival modes. Obviously, this new area is designed to expand on the Greece map by adding new locales to enjoy. Alongside this we’ve also got a new Greece Mystery Box that has several new “Graced” weapon skins. These are to celebrate the 2nd stage of the Greece updates, so it might imply there’s one for the 3rd one too.

Moving on from the Greece updates, there’s another small update in the form of patch In this patch there are a few additions, improvements, tweaks, and general fixes. The latest patch even eludes to the next segment of the Greece update, but not by much, honestly.

The areas within the Greece map are as follow:

  • Karmena Vourla Beach
  • Almiros Farm
  • Sofades Camp
  • Volos
  • Larissa
  • Farsala
  • Istiaia
  • Karditsa Farm
  • Karpenessi Mine
  • Meteora Military Base

Unturned Additions

Starting off with the additions, there have been a small amount of skins from the Steam workshop to be added. These new skins use the mesh modification feature as well, as that was the requirement. There’s even a new zombie type – Spirit zombie – and they are unfortunately bullet resistant. For this update there has only been one improvement and that’s simply to make night-time lights moddable.

For the tweaks, examples are now to include more vines, as well as the barracks models also. Another tweak was for the chainsaw, which now has a more visible stat counter. Before, locating the stat tracker on that thing wasn’t exactly easy, so this was a warranted change. Last but not least, chat now uses non-rich colours as the default colour.

To end this latest update, we have the fixes, which are all relatively simple and don’t fix anything too special. An issue copying rich text in chat preview was solved; the Cyprus save is now also correctly redirected. Lastly, defaulting to config available map was fixed, alongside the appropriate spelling of a location’s name.

At the end of the patch notes, the developer’s tease that the last piece of the Greece update is near completion. This will contain full questlines and will be quite complex from what they’re stating. So far, though, we’re going to need to wait until more news is revealed about it, however.

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