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America’s Army Proving Grounds Description

More of a training tutorial rather than anything else, America’s Army Proving Grounds is a game that provides you with a wide range of cool, interesting challenges that you are bound to like for sure. this is a highly dynamic, fun and easy to approach game where you have to make sure that you stay true to your word, a game where challenges arise from any corner and where, obviously, you will need to work hard in order to stay on top of them. A recommended option for any war game lover!

America’s Army Proving Grounds DLC & Mods

America’s Army Proving Grounds DLC & Updates

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America’s Army Proving Grounds Mods

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America’s Army Proving Grounds Reviews

Before i say anything about this game it should be made clear that it was created by none other than the US army themselves, so kudos to them for creating a war simulation! America's army proving grounds is a half realistic first person shooter that places you in a variety of maps to take on the opposing team, with maps size being based around medium to close combat. I found the gameplay of America's army proving grounds to be quite engaging, the combat system was, while not perfect, rather well made. A lot of the weapons featured are all modernly used, a feature i adore in modern war games! The community for America's army proving grounds has also released a collection of mods available to download that can greatly increase your playing time, this is a result of such a tight knit and thoughtful community. I personally enjoyed a lot of the game modes featured in the game, each having their own specific objectives and directives needed to complete for each team. I didn't find much issue with the servers, as well as minimal to no sightings of any trolls or hackers was a huge bonus. Another thing that makes me highly recommend America's army proving grounds is the emphasis they have placed on teamwork, removing those players that believe they are god and can take on a whole team. My only real criticism of America's army proving grounds is that the gameplay can become repetitive very fast, as such this is simply one of these games to come back to. If you decide that you'd like to host some of your own servers, then you will want to check out the cheap America's army proving grounds hosting that we offer on this page!

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