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    You will need Ark server hosting if you play this game and would like to host private worlds that you are in control of. Players like to be in charge of how they play the game without admins telling them what to do. If you don't mind spending the small price per month to enjoy this benefit you too can have a private server. Use the host scores below to find the best Ark server hosting or look at the price list below to find the cheapest.

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    In Ark Survival Evolved you get chucked onto an island inhabited by dinosaurs. It is your aim to survive by crafting weapons and tools to aid in building a safe base.

    Players can choose to start as either and male or female and can work their way up to become the top character. You may prefer to be kind to the prehistoric wildlife and instead tame the animals. You advance through the game by earning experience and unlocking skills.

    As you would expect with most experience based games, the higher your level the more your character can progress.

    Ark Mobile Server Hosting

    On the 15th March 2018 the developers announced a mobile version of the game on Twitter due this year [2018]. As soon as we know the deal with the mobile version of Ark: Survival Evolved we will post more information. We are guessing that the normal servers will be made cross platform eventually for consoles, mobile and desktop.

    Later in the year (October) we found evidence of people discussing that Ark mobile will be offering private servers, we aren’t totally convinced though as we discuss in our Steam group here.

    Ark: Survival Evolved Features

    As with any sandbox games a lot of the standard game features apply to ARK. Features including hunting dinosaurs and growing crops, constructing shelters and crafting items. You need these skills to overcome the many perils on the island that await. The main feature that sets ARK apart from any other sandbox game is the fact that players can tame/ride any of the 70 creatures. The game is very detailed with each creature having their own progress trees.

    You can read more about Ark Survival Evolved and get access to the reviews left by players on its Steam page here. You are also able to find the DLC available for the game along with some great screenshots. The in name photos and videos to help you decide whether the game really is for you.

    Ark Server Hosting History

    Ark game server hosting uses a lot more power than other games. This is due to the large player count and massive amount of processes going on inside the game. Usually the packages are more expensive than most games due to this increased load on CPU & RAM. Companies have to limit the number of virtual servers that they can fit on one machine, pushing up costs.

    Many companies jumped on board when Ark was first released to provide hosting. This was due to the surprising huge hit the game was along with the large cost (and potential profit) of the servers. This posed a problem as some companies that were attempting to provide the service didn’t have the required skills. This led to massive issues arising, especially as Ark was an Early Access game. The game swamped server resources when it was first released which caused issues. There was a lot of money to make from renting Ark servers to gamer’s. It was only natural for people to try their luck, like a modern day gold rush.

    6 months after the release of the game it seemed that the dedicated server was fine tuned. Once the files used less resources and the demand on support staff were reduced the prices came down. Ark is much like other games that rely on private servers to keep the multiplayer world running. Into the future, the price should continue to drop as well as the level of service that is expected increase.

    Minecraft Server List

    A picture of the in game server browser in Minecraft

    Who Is Best & Who Is Cheapest?

    Best Ark Server Hosting

    Using a company like Survival Servers that have a proven track record with years of service is key. Although you may need to spend a little more to get the best ark survival evolved server hosting. They offer servers to players on both PC and console with many features included. This is why we feature them, almost every customer who talks to us has nothing but good things to say about them.

    Cheapest Ark Server Hosting

    Amazingly, our best provider of Ark dedicated servers is also the cheapest. Survival Servers possess the ability to get the most from their hardware. It is their knowledge of server hardware and bulk buying that makes them competitively priced. The company also offer high levels of support 24 hours a day according to reviews.

    The custom control panel that they made also makes it easier for their customers to sort out issues. Installing mods without having to interact with expensive support staff also reduces cost.

    Survival Servers Control Panel

    A screenshot of the control panel that Survival Servers has custom built

    Features To Expect With An Ark Server

    Physical Location

    The most important first step to take when renting an Ark server is to make sure that the machine is near you. Ideally you want the machine in the same continent. A closer server to you is better as the signal will take less time to travel. A slow signal that bounces from you to the server and back can really affect play (explained further here).

    Although travelling at the speed of light, it has to bounce of exchanges and then the server needs to process the information. The importance of this speed is apparent when playing high speed games like Ark Survival Evolved. This is apparent especially during combat with other players or dinosaurs.

    A decent game hosting company will let you switch locations. You should be able to this either through control panel or by contacting support. Requesting that a technician do it for you without losing game data is important, so be sure to ask.

    Console, DLC & Mod Support

    Are you going to be playing the game on your PC, PlayStation or Xbox? Are you running Aberration, Scorched Earth, vanilla or a modded version of the game? Be sure to check out on the purchase page when you go to order console support. Make sure to check that the company you are planning on renting from supports consoles. A big positive would be if these modes can be switched by you during your term with them.

    Ark Cluster Support

    As the game has evolved over time the need for a clustered environment grew. A high quality Ark Survival dedicated server provider will have the offer clustering. With clustering you can add many worlds and link them up with a few clicks.

    Managing Players & Rules

    Almost every game hosting company we work with uses a control panel called TCAdmin. Some companies we deal with have a custom built control panel that is better (and cheaper due to TCAdmin’s monthly fee per server). These control panels make it super easy for people to manage server settings, files and the day to day tasks.

    If you can use Facebook or any other online point and click interface then you should have no issues using TCAdmin. Once you sign in for the first time you may be blown away by the sheer functionality available to you. Though once you have a quick look around TCAdmin you will then see its not that hard to operate.

    World Map

    Choose a geographical location near to you

    TCAdmin Screenshot

    A screenshot of the TCAdmin control panel

    Studio Wildcard

    A newly formed game development company founded by 2 indie game developers. Jesse Rapczak and Doug Kennedy joined forces in 2014 to work on Ark Survival Evolved. Ark is currently their only game on the market. Although initially a duo team, Studio Wildcard went on to hire more staff. The demand for more staff quickly arose to help with the Goliath task of working on Ark. Creating additional content and streamlining the current game could be accomplished by a team.

    Studio Wildcard attracted a lawsuit shortly before the planned launch of Ark. This was set into motion by a previous employer of the creative director. The claim was that Jeremy Stieglitz was not allowed to compete in the game market against them. Luckily this didn’t cause Ark to be cancelled but did delay the release by a few months.

    Studio Wildcards Logo

    Studio Wildcard's Logo

    Ark On Game Consoles

    After a lengthy wait, Ark Survival Evolved has come to the powerful consoles. This is much to the delight of the gaming world. As of August 2017 you are able to play the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This opened up a whole new audience to the game as gamer's make the switch from PC to console.

    The only issue with the console launch is the cross platform game hosting situation. Minecraft is also currently going through a similar phase. Microsoft are trying to solve this with a Cross Platform update at some point this year. The hosts we compare (most of them) have cracked the workings of a console Ark server. You can rest assured they know what they are doing, just be sure to check they still support PlayStation & Xbox versions of the game.

    Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox Edition Case

    Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox Edition

    Feedback The Game Has Received

    The best place to find out how well a game is doing is on Steam itself, the official location to buy the game and its DLC. Judging from the monthly sentiment graph that shows the change of players opinions over time its safe to say the journey has been a rocky one. When you buy a game (or are given a copy for free) through Steam you gain access to the reviews system to let the rest of the world know what you think.

    Ark: Survival Evolved Feedback Chart


    As you can see above in the chart, a few months along the way there has been months where the negative reviews have exceeded the positive ones. Let's go back to the reviews posted during this time that were deemed as ‘helpful‘ by the community. You can see the main source of distress is from the fact that the developers released a paid-for DLC for the game. The anger revolves around the fact that people thought it was unfair that they paid to buy a game that still wasn’t finished (as it was still in the Early Access stage). Then before it was even finished they were being asked for more money for content that they felt should be included in the updates pushed out to them.


    On the other hand, the large bursts of positive reviews seem to be from seasoned veterans. They are commenting on how brilliant the game is even though the game seems a little unfinished. Its hard to tell but perhaps the games developers released some important updates that helped stabilise the game. Also, the game may have been at a cheaper price due to the Steam Christmas sales. Its harder to complain about something that was cheap.

    Timeline of the Game

    • October 2014 Development of the game started
    • June 2015 CompareGameHosting added a dedicated page for Ark: Survival Evolved with prices
    • March 2016 Survival of the Fittest mode was released as a free-to-play game
    • July 2016 The DLC Primitive Plus is fully released on Steam platform for PC version
    • September 2016 Scorched Earth DLC for Ark was released for PC
    • January 2017 The Center, a free DLC for Ark is released for PC
    • June 2017 The DLC Ragnarok was released on Steam for PC
    • August 2017 Released fully from the Early Access program

    Sales & Current Players

    Currently (at the start of 2018) the sales stand at a grand total of 5.8 million copies of the base game Ark: Survival Evolved before factoring in the DLC according to SteamSpy.

    The current player count is bouncing between 25,000 and 50,000 each day (start of 2018) but the game peaked out at just over 100,000 way back in 2016 just after it was released (according to SteamCharts).

    Similar Games

    The survival sandbox genre of games isn’t shy of contenders. After the huge explosion in its popularity through the years and their seems to be a title aimed at all kinds of players. Before Ark Survival Evolved hit the shelves most people were playing Reign of Kings. Rust and Terraria also share common traits such as having to collect resources and then build bases, tools and weapons.

    Reign of Kings Logo

    Reign of Kings

    Possibly the closest game in similarity to Ark that was around at the same time was Reign of Kings. This medieval themed game boasted base building with a massive amount of recipes to craft. ROK did lack the dinosaurs but had some animals that proved to be a challenge. You could hunt and/or farm animals in a simple way. The game was fairly popular for a short period of time. Most players simply moved up in the world to Ark once it was released thanks to many factors that included a more stable dedicated server system. The game is priced quite competitively on Steam still but that may be due to the lower player count, meaning less servers to play on.

    Rust Logo


    Still hugely popular but slightly less than Ark, Rust is a high paced base building and craft to survive title available on Steam. The magic in Rust is when you get involved in a large group and go storming bases of other teams looking to pillage. You can steal the resources to help grow your base bigger from other players. Rust hosting is priced at a similar level to Ark but the game isn’t under such heavy development still. The game is priced pretty well and as its an Early Access title it is unlikely to stay that low once it matures. The game has a ‘Mostly Positive‘ sentiment coming from the community according to Steam reviews and looks to retain its strong user base for years to come.

    Terraria Logo


    Much like Minecraft, Terraria is all about blocks and resource collection with a degree of combat chucked into the mix as well. Terraria shares the same exploration and discovery aspects that Ark does but with a smaller fan base. The game can last a long time if you group together and really enjoy the pack mentality. You see this mentality in other games like Rust. Base building and crafting isn’t as complex as in games like Minecraft but you can still construct some awesome creations. The game is also a lot cheaper than the alternatives and the Terraria server hosting costs less than most games thanks to its low resource usage meaning you can have an Ark alternative online for a fraction of the cost.

    Ark Server List

    Our sister site BestServers has a constantly updated Ark server list that you can submit your brand new game server to for free. The benefit of submitting your Ark server to a site like BestServers is that you will be able to build up an audience quicker than normal. Usually gamer’s simply rent a game server and then leave it to grow naturally and find themselves disappointed by the slow rate of player growth.

    Once you have purchased your Ark Survival Evolved dedicated server note down your IP address and port number. Then you can then head over to the BestServers submit page found in the footer of the website. Once you have submitted your brand new game to the list people all around the world will be able to find you. The BestServers Ark list is visited by thousands of people.

    Ark Server List Screenshot

    ARK: Survival Evolved DLC & Mods

    ARK: Survival Evolved DLC & Updates

    Ark Update 284.104 10-17-2018

    This update has brought a new variant of Quetzal to the game (Tek Quetzal) and is made primarily of Tek. The maximum player count for Extinction Chronicles V has also been increased by 1.

    In terms of server improvements for Ark, the developers have added better handling for low FPS dino attacking and improvements through the API for server structure.

    ARK Eggcellent Adventure 4-25-2018

    If you are a lover of Easter and Ark then you may be happy to know that the two have combined and you can experience the holiday festivities in game!

    Ark April 2018 Updates 4-10-2018

    A bumper update for Ark that includes words about the Nintendo Switch port of the game for mobile players. A bunch of the dinosaur models have also been updated including the Raptor and the Argentavis.

    Ark March 2018 Update 2-28-2018

    The team based dinosaurs based on Raptors are getting an overhaul. These pesky creatures are getting a visual work over to improve the Ark in game experience. The alligator-like Sarcosuchus is also getting some work done to it and its death roll attack.

    Ark: Survival Evolved Feb 2018 2-3-2018

    A massive revamp of some of the dinosaurs not just visually but also in the way that the players interact with them. 2018 is off to a bang with Ark and many updates are due through out the year as well as a new DLC.

    Ark Update Jan 2018 1-15-2018

    Lots to talk about in this Ark update, mostly new dinosaurs such as the Procoptopdon, big wolves and the Bigfoot. The game developers do not seem to be slowing down with the updates to this game any time soon.

    Ark Aberration 12-15-2017

    A new set of challenges await you in Aberration, the latest DLC for Ark Survival Evolved. This new content for the game brings toxic new plants and tough new dinosaurs for the player to tame.

    The dark new setting of the underground world is a completely contrast view to the previous light and airy outside world experienced by players previously. Its obvious the creators have tried to really make the game harder for the pro players that have stuck with the title since its release in 2015.

    Initial reception is being described by steam as “Mostly Positive” with the few complaints sticking out mainly being due to personal preference.

    Ark Aberration server hosting is being offered by the sites we list prices for as support for the DLC is pretty widespread already.

    Ark Scorched Earth 9-10-2017

    The first DLC to be released for Ark, Scorched Earth chucks you into a tough dry desert environment with a new set of obstacles. Unlike the original Ark where water is abundant, you must scrounge and source with great difficulty that liquid gold that is water.

    Alongside a new set of difficulties comes a new range of beasts to fight and tame with over 50 new tools and weapons.

    The general feel from the community is that it was a step in the right direction with a good value for money price tag.

    Most server hosting companies have adapted quickly to be able to provide high levels of support for this add on.

    ARK: Survival Evolved Mods

    Ark Ziplines Mod

    Anywhere that is cool has a zip-line: playgrounds, Vegas and now Ark Survival Evolved. This mod available in the Steam Workshop once easy installed gives you access to zip-line systems to cut down on the time it takes you to drop down from higher positions on the map.

    Rideable Alpha Dodo's

    Have you ever thought that the Dodo’s in the game were pretty useless apart from an easy source of meat? Well why not install this mod from the Steam Ark Workshop that allows you to saddle up on an adult Dodo and take it for a wild ride around the map.

    Noob Starter Kit

    A huge barrier to many in craft and survive games like Ark is the massive let down experienced when you perish and have to start again. The Noob Starter Kit is a mod available on the Steam Ark Workshop that gives the player a bunch of tools and resources to get going again.

    Jetpack Mod

    Not exactly keeping in with the dinosaur theme of the game, this mod allows you to put on a jetpack and zoom around the map. Blast off and away from your enemies ensuring a trail of jealousy and cries of cheating. Available on the Steam community Ark workshop for easy install.

    Author: Alex Booth

    Alex is responsible for overseeing the content on CompareGameHosting. With 5+ years experience in the game hosting industry he has seen the good and the bad.

    A lot of the articles in the Reviews & Guides section have been written by Alex based on his technical experience and findings.

    The game pages (like this one) are maintained through a mixture of actual manual checking of content and prices with some automatic processes. We try our best to make sure that prices are up to date and correct.


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