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Arma 2 is the ultimate military tactics simulator that was around at its time. This is because it provides you with a massive game world, essentially a sandbox. In which you can conduct your own missions, use helicopters, vehicles and plenty of guns. It’s a title that offers you complete control over the way you play. So if you are a fan of war games you will definitely enjoy playing this game. The variety of missions and awesome multiplayer makes it a title that you can’t afford to miss out on. Both you and your friends will spend hours playing this game.

Weapons and Vehicles

Arma 2 has so many features, which is why fans call it one of the best war simulators around. Ranking 22nd in PC Gamers Top 100 games of all time. The main focus is of course on the in game equipment. The game has over 100 different vehicles that can all be driven or sat in as a passenger. This includes tanks, motorbikes, jeeps and much more. If you see it in the game you can drive it, even civilian cars, bikes and planes. Of course the game wouldn’t be complete with out weapons now would it? You can expect to find up to 80 different weapons. Which include hand guns, semi automatics and rocket launchers. With each looking and acting as if it was the real thing.

Vehicles you can find in Arma 2:

  • Tanks, a lot of tanks
  • Missile launching platforms to rain down rockets on your enemies
  • Armoured personnel carriers
  • Jeeps and other scout vehicles
  • Troop transport trucks
  • Motorbikes
  • Helicopters
  • Jet aircraft
  • Basic seacraft

Arma 3

After many years of success and loads of expansion packs being released for the game. Including popular releases such as Operation Arrow and DayZ. The game finally announced a the new title which we now know as Arma 3. Which became available worldwide in 2013. The game actually continues on the Arma 2 story line and is set 25 years after the events of the second game. Arma 3 of course continues to be one of the most played games on the Steam store.

The game has dropped to an average of 40 players a day. So you may want to think twice before renting Arma 2 server hosting. As very few players are still playing the game you may find yourself sat on an empty server.

Arma 2 DayZ

The most successful mod to come out for Arma 2 has got to be the DayZ project. The mod was also a massive source of purchases for the main game with many people not even ever playing the base game and simply sticking to the mod. This mod changes the Arma 2 game -play massively and turns it into a survival game where you must craft and survive your way to victory.

Eventually DayZ got its own standalone game after being a successful mod for a few years. The mod is a more stable platform for the developers to be able to work on and push out improvements too. Another benefit for the developers is that they are able to sell the game on the Steam store which wasn’t legally possible as a mod for Arma 2.

Similar Games

DayZ: Standalone

dayz standalone server hostingAre you the only one left in humanity? Or are there other people roaming the waste land that are fighting for survival. Take to the barren lands of the zombie apocalypse and craft, fight and pillage for your very survival. In DayZ: Standalone you will be pushed to your limits as you are left with very few resources or hope.

DayZ continues to be a fan favourite that appeared from a mod some 8 years ago. DayZ has such a large following and many new players get sucked in to the adventure. Who doesn’t like to prove they have what it takes to survive against zombies?!

Operation Arrow Head

arma 2 operation arrowhead server hostingWant to improve your Arma 2 experience? Then why not try one of the many DLC packs that have been released over the last 10 years. The most notable DLC that Bohemia Interactive added, was Operation Arrowhead. In Arrowhead they added a lot more in game content including weapons, vehicles and characters. The DLC also became hugely popular among the community. This was because it was the core foundation of DayZ.

The DLC is no longer actually needed to join the zombie apocalypse, as the game got it’s own full release a few years ago. Players are still playing Operation Arrowhead, so why not give it a try?

Arma 2 DLC & Mods

Arma 2 DLC & Updates

No updates or DLC have been written by us for Arma 2.

Arma 2 Mods

No mods have been written by us for Arma 2. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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Arma 2 Reviews

Who doesn't love Arma2 to be fair? The game is still as good as it was on release day and I prefer to play it over Arma3 and DayZ.

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