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    A lot of companies we compare prices for offer Arma 3 King of the Hill server hosting. The mod is a popular request among people who want to rent an Arma 3 server and some providers offer it as a separate package.

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    Arma 3 as we all know at this point is one of the most popular realistic military simulators out on the market as of now. In development by Bohemia Interactive, the developers have put a lot of work into Arma 3. A lot of that work can be found in the form of the game’s DLC, more specifically, the King of the Hill DLC expansion. Just like many other games before it, King of the Hill requires a team to hold a certain point until victory, at any cost. With this DLC inclusion, you’re given access to a new map where King of the Hill takes place, along with some other goodies.

    arma 3 king hill - Arma 3: King Of The HillWhen looking at the aesthetics, very little has changed, but the developers did put in a reward system. This new system is to keep players engaged and wanting to come back, something it manages with ease. Depending on your success during the King of the Hill match, you can purchase rewards that make your victory somewhat easier. You can unlock different vehicles, weapons, and equipment to keep the enemy guessing.

    No one should have to enter the battlefield alone; that’s where your squad and friends come in. King of the Hill requires a strategic from both you and your team, so be careful on that itchy trigger finger. While it may play out exactly like any other part of Arma 3, the brutal difficulty that the game is known for has yet to change and that’s part of the charm. Just remember, when you step up onto that control point, you’re bound to have a target on your back for a while. Keep your head down; play smart, and before too long that control point will be yours if you’re careful.

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