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Arma 3 server hosting is on the more expensive spectrum of the games we compare prices for. The higher price tag per slot is down to the intense CPU drain this game exhibits on the machine its hosted on. Even a small server with 20 slots will set you back a hefty price with the larger more in demand servers adding up.

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You can see Arma 3 as the ultimate tactics game. It offers realism, immense game worlds and numerous missions for you to enjoy. Playing this with friends is insanely fun as it provides you with a great experience. You will surely appreciate the wonderful, exciting game world created here.

Everything from the single player to extra missions and mods are nicely designed. The multiplayer definitely manages to make the game shine, as it’s the epitome of action packed, tactics filled war games.

A constant stream of new features and DLC provided by the developers keeps Arma 3 fresh and re-playable. Through Steam you are able to buy more vehicles for this game This does to many seem like a slap in the face as they should have probably been included in the initial price tag (which isn’t on the cheap end of games).

The general feedback from players on Steam is that this game is very good. Many people are racking up a huge amount of in game hours.  If you like games like Battlefield and Call of Duty but want something a bit more “grown up” and serious then Arma 3 is definitely the way to go.

Arma 3 Main Features

  • Vehicles – take to the skies, ride across the land and sail across the water in a huge range of diverse vehicles
  • Weaponry – over 40 different weapons for you to pick up and master in Arma 3
  • Single player – the story mode will have you glued to the screen when you aren’t up to fighting online
  • Modding – the game exposes itself to modders for all sorts of deep customisation possibilities

Server Hosting History

The game is not carried by a large number of game hosting companies. This may be down to the large amount of resources required to cope with a live game of Arma 3. The game takes a lot of CPU power from the host machine. It does not sit well next to other games as it really wants to hog the processor for itself, spelling doom for hosts.

The game does not use a massive amount of RAM in relation to its demand for CPU. This isn’t great for the person who ends up paying for it as CPU power isn’t as cheap as memory. Owing to these factors you will be expected to pay handsomely for a private Arma 3 dedicated server. Especially when you compare the relative cost in comparison to games like Garrys Mod.

Arma 3 games run into huge player counts naturally as the game isn’t much fun with a small amount of players. Be sure to take this into consideration when renting an Arma 3 server from a provider that we have listed on this page.

Best & Cheapest

Best Arma 3 Server Hosting

gameserversThe gap between the price of the best and the cheapest providers of Arma 3 game hosting on this page is huge. Currently the provider we have marked as the best (due to history and how established the company is) is 4 times the price of the cheapest. That provider has a good track history, though nowhere near as aged.

After our research conducted by actually doing test buys and seeing how the Arma 3 servers manage under load paired with the feedback, come up top. The huge company is usually quickest to getting a stable game server up for any new game before anyone else. They also have an army of staff on board to deal with queries quickly.

They are able to provide a high quality service thanks to the higher prices it charges. The backing company that started them is one of the biggest web hosting and data-centre owning companies in the world.

Cheapest Arma 3 Server Hosting

host havocOur current cheapest provider of Arma 3 server rental has held the title for many years and is the cheapest on a lot of other titles on CompareGameHosting. Host Havoc specialises in the technical side of game server hosting (in comparison to the marketing, a trait of the snake oil salesman online) and it shows in their reviews that we get submitted regularly.

The around the clock staff based in Canada are on call for whenever you have an issue. So even though it is the cheapest Arma 3 server hosting we compare you shouldn’t have any issues. They also support the major mods that take the awesome military simulator into the next level.

Arma 3 Server Features

When you are looking at renting an Arma 3 server you need to make sure that the provider has the following features or you may find yourself struggling down the road.

One Click Mod Installs

Arma 3 is a game that is made so much better by the mods that the general public have created for it. Make sure that the company that you are looking at going with has support for this as doing this manually can be a nightmare and time consuming if you have to go back and forth with the support staff.

Close Proximity To You & Your Players

A massively important (maybe the most important factor after choosing the game you are hosting) when purchasing Arma 3 server hosting is where your game will be hosted geographically. A close location to you and the players joining the game will ensure that the time lag time between them and the game is kept low to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. You may refer to lag as ping, which is a much more accurate explanation of how the data travels from you to the server and then back again.

With games like Arma 3 and other fast paced shooter games, a low ping will lead to people experiencing changes to what they see rapidly as the main controlling server disagrees with what they have processed locally. You may have seen this as a bouncing effect when you have been playing online before.

Bohemia Interactive

The developers of Arma 3 are Bohemia Interactive who are based in Prague and specialise in military themed games. They continue to work on the Arma series and keep pushing out DLC for the game with a new title appearing roughly every year.

The company have moved onto a more Minecraft themed game called Ylands that is carving a name for itself and is a lot different from the Arma series that made it famous.

Arma 3 On Consoles

The idea to put Arma 3 onto a games console like the PlayStation has been dismissed by the developers as mentioned here. The put it down to the difficulty experienced when trying to do the same for Arma 2 and have learnt their lesson even though they do like the idea of seeing it a console.


Looking through the reviews left on the official Steam page for Arma 3 it is apparent that the game has a lot of fans. Not many people have anything bad to say about the game. The only negative feedback that appears does seem to be due to people not getting on with the fact that the game is more of a simulator than arcade game.

A lot of the players also say that you need a high end machine for the game much like the Arma 3 server hosting. The game tends to use a lot of CPU and RAM. A decent modern game that is fun to play will by nature use a lot of resources to process all of the activities going on around you. Especially as Arma 3 has different types of vehicles and game modes.

A massive annoyance for the Arma community of players (also seen on a lot of other Steam games) is that the developers like to release DLC for games that are not fully finished. People who have bought the game on Early Access and are waiting for the game to be finished and polished off get a bit upset when they see that the developers have been working on side projects essentially instead of the core game.

Similar Games To Arma 3

First person shooter games are always coming and going, after their meteoric rise during the late 90s with titles like Quake and Doom starting it all off. Currently though, FPS games need to have an angle to get the sales and see a successful level of players start playing it. Arma 3 holds the title for the right blend of realism and features like vehicles and game mode switching.


squad server hosting

This rather new title shares many similarities with Arma 3, the realistic large scale map and player counts make them seem like twins. Squad also has vehicles that you are able to control and use to wipe out your enemies, much the same way as Arma 3 does.

The feedback that Squad has on Steam doesn’t seem as positive as what you find with Arma 3 but then it is a much newer game and has had less time to be optimised.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

counter strike global offense server hostingAn older franchise than the Arma one, Counter Strike seems to be as old as time itself and most people who play games have had a bash at a title in the franchise at some point. The most recent title to be released by Valve in this series of games is a tidied up version called Global Offensive.

In Counter Strike you start the round huddled in a group with a set period of time that you can use money that you have earnt killing enemies to purchase weapons and equipment. Once you have kitted up and are ready for combat you then proceed to work in a team to either save hostages or resist the enemy team from freeing the ones in your grip.

Sometimes the game may take on another format whereby you need to plant a bomb at a specific location or if you are defending guard that location and prevent the bomb from being placed.

Arma 3 Server List

If you have started renting an Arma 3 server then you will be looking for players to join you, this is where our side project BestServers comes in handy. By submitting your server with a little useful info (such as saying where the machine is located) you can gain access to millions of potential gamers looking for somewhere new to hang out.

If you are forking out dearly for an Arma 3 server then you really need to be making the best use out of it possible. Encouraging more people to join in on your game not only adds to the fun and challenges for everyone involved but also gives you a better chance of receiving donations to help with the cost.

Arma 3 DLC & Mods

Arma 3 DLC & Updates

Arma 3 2018 Update 1-4-2018

The 2018 update changes are bringing a bunch of dedicated server hot-fixes, 3 new vehicles with custom interior sinks and many other small adjustments. We also talk about the future of Arma 3 with the talk of Arma 4 and also console versions of the game.

Arma 3 Tac-Ops Mission Pack 11-30-2017

A whole bunch of new single player missions that help hone your skills using training from real world military consultants. This massively authentic set of war games are bound to push your Arma 3 skills to the limit.

On the downside the Steam community have mostly shunned this DLC as weak for the money it costs, complaining about the short length of the missions.

Arma 3 Malden 6-22-2017

A free DLC for Arma 3 that brings with it new missions, a new multiplayer game mode and some new buildings and items for the battlefield.

The reviews for this DLC are near perfect with very little people having anything bad to say about the Malden DLC.

Arma 3 Zeus DLC 4-16-2014

A free to download through Steam DLC for Arma 3 that gives the player a completely different view of the battlefield. In Arma 3 Zeus the player takes a strategic birds eye view of the arena and must alter the landscape to aid their chances of winning.

Steam claim that players have voted it to be “Very Positive”, although its hard to vote down a free DLC pack released for a game you play.

Arma 3 Mods

Arma 3 Extended Fortifications

Not really a fan of sitting out in the open like a sitting duck? Then Extended Fortifications is an Arma 3 mod that is perfect for you and your server.

This mod brings with it 94 new modular fortification parts to use on the map.

Arma 3 Wasteland

Are you a fan of the loot and survive style of games but also a fan of Arma 3? The this mod adds a whole new experience to the game to make it more like DayZ. Luckily this mod is also very popular and you will easily find servers running it.

Arma 3 Unsung: Vietnam War

This mod puts the official DLC to shame with how much is included, the mod developers must have had a team working endlessly to get this completed. At one point this mod was the most accurate depiction of the Vietnam war available to gamers and amazingly all free (apart from the cost of Arma 3 of course).

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Alex is responsible for overseeing the content on CompareGameHosting. With 5+ years experience in the game hosting industry he has seen the good and the bad.

Alex keeps an eye on whats going on in the game hosting world and keeps the News section of this website up to date with it. A lot of the articles in the Reviews & Guides section have been written by Alex based on his technical experience and findings.

The game pages (like this one) are maintained through a mixture of actual manual checking of content and prices with some automatic processes. We try our best to make sure that prices are up to date and correct.

Arma 3 Reviews

Arma 3 is loads of fun, however their are 2 types of players on an arma 3 server. First you have PVE players or role players that will usually have pretty strict rules on what you can do on the server. They will often have their own ways of doing things so check out the server before you join as you could run into some trouble if you run around blowing role players heads off! (Which is pretty fun.) But this will get you banned pretty quickly. Role play servers can be fun if you're looking for a more relaxed feel and fancy playing as the dirty cop. The second kind of server you can expect to join is PVP, which most people see as the hardcore mode. This will pit you against all other players either on your own or as part of a team depending on the game type. PVP can be stressful at time if your having to spawn miles away from the battle every time and you have to bike back into town to get to the action. There are loads of dedicated and community servers in the lobby with different games types so it’s worth hunting around for one you like, before making friends with the server owner to help you build your rep in the community. Or if you wanted to start your own world then I would suggest that you pick up some cheap Arma 3 server hosting and start recruiting!

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(arma 3)

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Arma 3 server hosting is a must for any really gamer as it gives you access to better gameplay online! “Most of the time” I have used several hosts since I started playing Arma 3 and have swapped between many hosts because of the mod releases and a lot of hosts not offering the ability to chop and change at a moments notice. My advice for anyone wanting to purchase arma 3 server hosting from a GSP would be first to check out host reviews, to see if the host will actually allow you to install the mods on your server. This may cost you, it may not really depends on who you decide to go with. Hope this helps anyone looking to purchase a server.

Really enjoying the new exile mod for arma its so good. Arma has always been my go to game when ever I have spare time in the evening. Problem is i'm addicted to exile now and can’t seem to pull myself away from the game. Spare time is now all the time :) GET EXILE

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Reviewer Thumb


With the release of great mods like Epoch, Altis Life and Now exile I can highly recommend Arma 3 as one of the best games I have ever played because of the dedication behind the developers of the game! If you have not played Arma 3 yet you are really missing out a quality game that will change your life! SERIOUSLY

Love the new exile mod! Think Battle Royale for convicts and you have Exile Mod. Had been waiting for the mod for such a long time and it hasn't been disappointing as usual. Nice one.

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Exile Me

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If you ever wanted to experience the life as an elite soldier part of an everyday squad that follows a more realistic representation of warfare during your gaming experience then Arma 3 is the right game for you, with such details into becoming a true model of battle Arma 3 allows players to experience warfare, sociological issues excluded that is. My personal praise goes into the stunning visuals this game can create; just flying around these Greek esk islands in a military helicopter is a outstanding way to simply see the progress into the visual industry, the mixture of breezy trees and lapping water is just an incredible experience that you cannot miss. The fact that extra time has also been spent ensuring that the vehicles you drive and the weapons you fire are contemporary correct, which furthers my enjoyment in Arma 3 as taking the extra time to do this just makes it feel like you're playing something made with effort. However even with all this great scenery i found the combat to be mediocre, not excluding the visuals from explosions and general destruction of course, more that tedious fight and run style of play. A with all online games you will find a community of unfriendly players online, Arma 3 however has a surprisingly competent and welcoming community that was happy to educate me more on the game for this review. With such a great community and breathtaking visuals that appear commonly during game play it's almost impossible not to recommend trying Arma 3, if you do you can leave your thoughts in the comments section to below for us to see! If you get into the game enough then you can check out our cheap Arma 3 hosting that we have available for you to browse through on this page, hopefully it will help you out some!

I like Arma 3 and it really stays true to it's Arma roots! I have played all of the Arma series game and have always been a loyal fan of Bohemia Interactive. This isn't one of those other games such as "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield 4" that call themselves a "military sim." It's a real hardcore game that will test your skills to the max as anything goes when you spawn into the Arma way of life. This is real warfare it's best without having to sign up! You can drive a huge range of vehicles, tanks, choppers, jets, boats and loads of other military vehicles. (Pure Bliss) Plus the workshop makes things a lot more interesting for anyone that has their own Arma 3 server hosting. A couple of my favorite mods are the "Star Wars - Imperial Assault" & "Battle Royale" mods.

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Doesn't everybody love Arma 3? 1000 + hours for me and I'm still not bored. Bohemia Interactive have created the best game ever! I bought this in Alpha and I have still yet to be disappointed over the years with constant updates, patches, mods and gameplay. Only thing to top this game would be Arma 4…..

If you're looking for the best options when it comes to play an Arma game then you should really think about getting Arma 3 server hosting from a GSP allows you to really push the arma series to limits. Make your own rules, set up starter kits and even build your own economy in Altis Life. For a PC game its pretty limitless.

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Terrance Agget

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Arma 3 gets a 10/10 in my games, it's so perfect in everyway possible. Gameplay, Controls, mods its the complete package and it keeps me playing hour after hour. I have played so many games over the last 4 years including Call of Duty and Battlefield but they have always lacked the playability that Arma 3 has.

Do I love Arma 3? Yes, Yes I most certainly do! If custom maps and a ton of mods aren't enough a selling point then the game play will sale it to you. I was lucky enough to get this game on the free weekend way back and I was hooked! Bohemia Interactive now have my money and hours of my life! Life 4 Arma = Good Trade off..

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Arma 3 teaches you to trust no one! Across all the game mods you will be arrested, mauled, cheated, mugged, held captive, shot, teamed up on and more! However if you're on the other side of this it's incredibly fun! It's only funny when it's not happening to you so make sure you are playing with friends when you are online as this is a numbers game! The game itself is very visually pleasing and allows you to interact with the world and other players in ways other games can not. If you have a good computer then you can marvel at the in-game beauty and the scenery of Stratis and Altis. Arma 3 itself is a much better multiplayer than a single player as the missions are lacking in some respects, but it makes up for this online.

Arma 3 took a while to get used to as the first time I played I was spawned right down the road from a large group of people gunning up the place. Instead of running the other why I decided to try my luck and ask them if I could join them because I was unsure what I was actually doing to start with. After approaching this people I was gunned down in a matter of minutes! I thought to myself “It’s going to take a while to get my head around this game.” After continuing to die miserably time after time I finally found a decent group of people that actually wanted me to join their clan rather than capping me before I had a chance to even say hello. After a few days I was introduced to a lot of the other aspects of Arma 3 including Altis and Exile which are some of my favourite mods. Arma 3 is great to play with friends or a clan else you will end up getting ganged on a lot in Altis life at least. My clan has it’s own Arma 3 server hosting if anyone wants to join send me a message. (Email removed).

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Read me

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I was a little unsure about buying this game when It was on a small sale. I thought “$30 for a game is a bit too steep for me.” However now having paid just over 100 hours I definitely think I have got my money's worth. Be prepared to get sucked into one of the best FPS games around. I even invested in arma 3 server hosting for me and my friends! More money well spent.