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Astroneer Description

The space based craft and survive game Astroneer has been out on Early Access for a while. In Astroneer you must collect resources in order to craft new machinery and vehicles while also maintaining life support. This game is known for its in depth life support system, you cant go wondering about without extra power and oxygen to hand.

The game allows you to fly between worlds in the universe once you have built a space ship. Travelling to other worlds unlocks more scenery and access to more high tech devices that you can use to build vehicles with. Astroneer has a very modular style of building so you can change vehicles and structures functions by adding and removing parts.

The game has achieved a Very Positive rating on Steam from the players reviewing it. The largest complaints about the game are that the camera angles can be annoying and that once you have built everything the game loses its point. Hopefully as the game progresses along and comes out of Early Access players will have more tasks to complete.

Similar Games

Space Engineers

space engineers server hostingIf you love space and you love building things then Space Engineers could be the game you are looking for. In this title you can build and then fly space craft around a huge universe with planets and asteroids to land on and mine. Using these mined resources you can then create more exotic craft and even vehicles to use on stable bodies.

Space Engineers has come along way but is still in Early Access, although the development has somewhat slowed down according to reviews.


A very similar game to Astroneer but boasting a much more technical game play is Stationeers. In Stationeers you have all the same sort of rules and tasks but creating a base or a mother ship is a lot more detailed. You must construct an air lock for example which consists of around 50 parts that need to be manufactured, set up and then tested.

The game is fairly new and in Early Access so their is a lot more to come. The developer is very social and puts out YouTube videos of the development and testing as he and his team go along.


Minecraft server hostingThe original and hard to beat best craft and survive game of all time has to be Minecraft. This game seems to have evolved into the ultimate creative game with the addition of new mods supported by an army of home based developers. You don’t have access to vehicles (unless you find a mod for that) but exploration and base building is a key aspect in Minecraft.

The game is available across multiple devices and attracts gamers of all ages and styles. The game tends to sit across many different genres and can be played however the player chooses to play it.

Astroneer DLC & Mods

Astroneer DLC & Updates

No updates or DLC have been written by us for Astroneer.

Astroneer Mods

No mods have been written by us for Astroneer. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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