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Avorion is a co-op sandbox based in space in which players can create a huge range of spaceships, space stations, miners and a wide range of other futuristic buildings and ships with a huge range of dynamic blocks that scale in whatever manner the player desires giving a much more customisable experience. Players can wage intergalactic wars, trade with other players and the AI, mine and explore in this vast and unexplored galaxy. As with most games in early access it is advised that players should host their own Avorion Server Hosting in order to enhance the playing experience with their friends.

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    4 Months Ago
  • The game has been great so far but I feel that it is already lacking in the steam community department as I'am still unable to add mods and I want to start creating my own list of mods as I feel that I could add my own flare to this game which other players may enjoy. However having said that I have already had several hours of play and I'am really enjoying this game a lot.