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    Battlefield 1942 is another one of EA’s long list of first person shooter games to have come out in the last 20 years. The reception of the game was staggering with an impressive 700,000 copies as of 2018. Making The developers and publishers a tidy sum of well over 27 million dollars. With that being the recorded stat for the united states sales alone. The game was very impressive and was a leader of its time for online multiplayer war based games.

    battlefield 1942 screen - BattleField 1942There are many unique features in this game that have made this such a popular game. This includes the multi-platforming perspectives that are in game. For example some players can be on the ground fighting as infantry. While other players are having dog fights in the sky. But of course you also have you ground support. Including tanks for hitting the enemy hard. Medics that can heal wounded players and other medical support. Players will of course have to choose which role they want to take on. Which is why the game is so focused around teamwork. Everyone has a role in this game. But it’s best to try out all the different roles and adjust to the situation of the war. To assist your fellow comrades and win the war for the allies or axis.

    Other Titles in the Series

    Due to the success of the game many sequels were released off the back of this. Including Battlefield Vietnam, which throws you into the thick of the Vietnam war. Battlefield 2 was the next in 2005, which was set in the modern era. Battlefield 2142 which was set in the future and focused on future tech and warfare. Then the fan base picked up for this series and a further 6 games arrived on PC and console. This included the latest title Battlefield 1, which was of course a huge fan favourite.

    Modding and Hosting

    Even though the game is now over 13 years old, there is still a small active community. Which continues to play online and host servers. Setting up a server for this game is pretty easy if you have previous experience. Although if you would rather jump in and play check out the prices above. As we deem these the best hosts offering Battlefield 1942 server hosting.

    One of the greatest things about running your own sever was the fact that you can add mods to the game. Much like many other popular multiplayer games in the early 2000s. The modding community was very active and many players were adding a lot of original content. Many even consider the community behind this game as one of the most creative. Although it is argued that Half-Life still retains the title as most modded game. EA even released a mod toolkit called “Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit.” Which continues to be used to this day on all the newer games as well. Some of the mods became so well developed that they actually became standalone games. These include Finnwars, REDUX and Eve of Destruction.

    Vehicles in Battlefield 1942

    The list of vehicles in Battlefield 1942 is incredible with land, air and sea. Here are some of the popular vehicles in the game:

    • Willy Jeep
    • Spitfire
    • Bf109
    • M8 Greyhound
    • M4 Sherman
    • P-51
    • Flakpanzer
    • Ju-88a
    • Kettenkrad
    • B17
    • T34 Calliope

    Similar Games

    Day of Defeat: Source

    Day of defeat 2 server hostingDay of defeat: Source is another game that is set in World War 2 and follows the struggles of the ally forces. The game is part of the source collection which also included games like CS:GO. So if you are a fan of FPS games then rest assured you will have plenty of fun with this title. The game was created by Valve in early 2005 after the release of many other multiplayer titles.

    The main objective of Day of Defeat: Source is to jump online with friends and fight across a wide range of maps. While using plenty of old technology and weapons that are associated with the time.

    Battalion 1944

    battalion 1944 - BattleField 1942Battalion 1944 is a newer title and covers the second world war much like Battlefield 1942. Although being a newer title this game has revived the look of the world war, adding new age graphics. The game was published by Square Enix who are more notable known for their story driven games and RPG’s.

    The game is currently in early access and has received very moderate feedback, with most waiting to see more from Battalion 1944 before they invest their time and money into it. Although some positives indicate early matching making being very balanced. Which is often not see in many new competitive multiplayer games.

    BattleField 1942 DLC & Mods

    BattleField 1942 DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for BattleField 1942.

    BattleField 1942 Mods

    No mods have been written by us for BattleField 1942. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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