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Battlefield 4 Description

As of right now, Battlefield is one of the only FPS franchises that are in direct competition with Call of Duty. On the 29th of October 2013, EA Dice made sure to remind the world on why that was the case with Battlefield 4 once more. This right here is an FPS title that many players spend their time on nearly 5 years later!

Instead of focusing on the boots on the ground game play, Battlefield 4 stuck to the somewhat realistic nature of the FPS genre. Not only that, but it allowed for players to enjoy being inside a tank or a fighter jet, depending on the situation. They aren’t particularly easy to figure out how to use, but once you’ve picked it up, Battlefield facilitates your new skills.

Using the Frostbite’s engine penchant for destructible environments, everything can be destroyed. By any chance you find something you’d like to blow up, in Battlefield 4 you won’t even struggle to do so. Need to destroy an enemies cover? Use a grenade to flush them out of their hole, all the while completely decimating that wall they were hiding behind. Battlefield 4 allows for an all-out war against opposing teams and doesn’t let up until the final second.

Just be sure to not enter the Battlefield alone, as that’s how things start to go astray. Build a squad of your strongest friends and watch as the enemies start to drop to the ground. After all, in Battlefield 4, you can’t exactly get away with running and gunning all of the time. Strategy and tactics are bound to lead to victory and that’s just something that the Call of Duty franchise doesn’t exactly have in retrospect.

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Battlefield 4 Reviews

If you have previously played of any of the Battlefield series you will already have a basic grasp of what to expect in the fourth installment in the series, if you're new to the series then Battlefield is a realistic focused first person shooter. As it was with the previous games in the series a lot of focus went onto making the weapons and vehicles as realistic as possible, a feature I've always praised in the Battlefield games. Featuring a collection of vast maps that have both been created and brought back by demand you can expect to see the gameplay you know and love, with a revamped game engine battlefield 4 manage to deliver this expectation satisfyingly. All the classic game modes make a return appearance, a crowd and personal favourite of Rush has had some maps created almost specifically for it. With the creation of new maps and the addition of new content i found myself almost feeling this wasn't Battlefield, and this was not a result of the flashbacks i still have regarding Hardline. Increased lobby sizes allows for the online multiplayer to become a completely immersive thing to watch, simply viewing the action take place can be an exhilarating experience. The fast paced combat for those playing the assault classes variating to the slow paced game of the sniper has always been a great selling point for Battlefield fans that enables for different aspects to appeal to different people, this has been prominent in all Battlefield games and Battlefield 4 is no exception to this rule. Faults for Battlefield 4 are simply the repetitive gameplay that can lead to the layer quickly becoming bored, especially if stuck in a one sided game. If you wanted to host your own server for Battlefield 4 then you will want to check out below, there you will be able to find the cheap Battlefield 4 hosting that you are looking for.

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