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    The 7 Days To Die server hosting packages tend to be a little more pricey than other games. This is down to the additional resources needed to make the game server run. It hogs more on the physical machine it is hosted on than other games. A private server is a great way to take control of what mods you like to see being on a server. It also allows you to police the people you play with online.

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    Best 7 Days to Die Server Host

    Best 7 Days to Die Server Host

    Coming from the developers over at The Fun Pimps and is available on Steam’s Early Access platform, as well as the Xbox One and PS4. 7 Days to Die is a survival game that has you scrounging for resources, all to keep yourself alive and protected. Build, craft, and decimate to survive past those initial 7 days. By taking the usual first-person approach and blending it with Minecraft’s penchant for creation; you’ve got the amalgamation that is 7 Days to Die. While it may not be a perfect game, it has plenty to keep players engaged from day 1!

    Visually, the game has a dark undertone to keep the player on their feet as often as possible. Every corner you turn around there could be a zombie just waiting to take a chomp out of you. In that case, you had best be prepared with a bat, a gun, pretty much anything with some sort of impact. 7 Days to Die is the epitome of Minecraft with zombies and it’s a style that appears to be working very well for the game.

    Just be sure, don’t take to the groaning zombie-hordes alone, not when you can take a friend. When there are multiple players, you can build towards the perfect safehouse to keep you from becoming zombie-food at night. Do be careful, however, zombies tend to get considerably more aggressive as soon as the sun goes down and that’s not an understatement. Once the moon comes up and the sun goes down, they become faster, smarter, and deadlier. While the game may be a fun ordeal, it can quickly become a tense one as well if you’re not careful.

    The main features of 7 Days to Die are:

    • Exploration – huge dark maps of diverse forests and mountain ranges keep you glued to the game for longer
    • Crafting – over 500 recipes for you to create from resources and objects in the game
    • Building – erect structures to help defend your position
    • Survival – look after you and your team mates as you protect yourself against all sorts of threats

    7DTD Server Hosting History

    The 7 Days To Die server hosting history has had its ups and downs. As the game is a dreaded Early Access title on Steam it attracts its doubters.

    Problems With Early Access Titles

    Game hosting companies have to look deeply at each game that is in Early Access and tread carefully. A lot of the providers have been burnt by these immature titles in the past.

    Early Access games tend to have unstable dedicated server files. These unstable files can cause lots of problems with the game hogging resources. The new games can also rapidly change in structure. A server setup that worked once may never work again and need several days of work fixing it.

    These issues are usually the catalyst for customers complaints to the hosting company. The person who has rented the server usually diverts their anger at the company they pay monthly too. Annoyingly for the game hosting company they are usually doing everything they can to fix it. Chances are the provider did not receive any advanced warning from the developers. Changes to dedicated server files usually come out of the blue with little, to no warning.

    As 7 Days To Die is still in Early Access the game is commanding a higher price per slot. This increased cost is justified by the server provider in case of extra support. They also need to cover their backs in case of increased usage with the game.

    Best & Cheapest

    As a shopper of 7 Days To Die server hosting you probably fall into one of two different categories. You are either going to be driven mainly by the price and are looking for the cheapest provider. On the other hand you may be looking to get the best package with the most features and spend a little more. The following sections have the information you need to make the choice for your 7DTD server.

    Best 7DTD Server Hosting

    survival servers - 7 Days To DieA regular in the best spot of our price lists is the well established Survival Servers. They do’t offer a large catalogue of game servers but the tend to specialise in the ones that they do very well. The company are well known for their custom control panel and the work they did on Arma mods. The skills they picked up working on major mods for the Arma series have transferred over very well. If you are looking for any sort of FPS game and want a feature-full experience then Survival Servers win.

    The company offer support for mods and the Oxide mod-pack popular across many games. The company isn’t that much more expensive than the cheapest providers on our list. Choosing these guys as the best 7 Days To Die server hosting provider wasn’t hard for us. We hear a lot of good feedback about them and it tends to improve year on year.

    Cheapest 7DTD Server Hosting

    gtxgaming - 7 Days To DieGTXGaming are a British based company with offices in London. They have a huge catalogue of games that they host with many high end features all included. They have topped our price list for a long time as the cheapest 7 Days To Die server hosting provider.

    The company is well known for its round the clock support on offer and modern control panel. They keep up to date with 7 Days To Die changes and mods that come out as this is one of their top priority games.

    This game is a competitive title with many hosts ranking near the top in terms of price. GTXGaming may change as our cheapest provider but they come close to being the best.

    Important Server Features

    Currently looking through the features offered by the 7DTD server providers? You will probably notice that they all offer different features. Here are two features that are most important for this game after the usual common ones.

    Oxide Support

    oxide logo - 7 Days To DieIf you haven’t already checked out Oxide, its a mod pack manager compatible with many games. You simply install it and then can access it through the web to manage mods. You can also manage the server and alter the rules for your server within one control panel. The panel is available for many games like Rust and 7DTD with more added all the time.

    Check that the company you are looking at has some support for Oxide. Even if you don’t use it now you may do in the near future.

    Map Switching

    survival servers control panel - 7 Days To DieBeing able to switch the 7DTD map is another key element you will need. You could ask the game hosting company to do this for you manually. Asking to have this done by support ticket can take time and if they haven’t got 24/7 support then you could be waiting a while. A company like Survival Servers have this built into their custom control panel.

    You may not think of this as being important but when the time comes you will really appreciate the feature.

    The Fun Pimps

    the fun pimps logo - 7 Days To DieThe Fun Pimps are a small group of game developers who came together to create the hit 7DTD game. They are seasoned veterans in the game development world and specialise in 7 Days To Die with no other projects taking up their time (as of early 2018).

    The company was formed in 2012 when a group of friends came together working from a simple Google Docs document started development. The game flourished and became a massive hit on Steam bringing the company to the attention of the rest of the world.

    7 Days To Die On Consoles

    7dtd xbox 1 - 7 Days To DieThe game has seen a massive success on the PC and Mac so was ported to console. You can currently get 7DTD for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and those were released in 2016. An Early Access game being released on console is a rare sight due to the game not being technically finished.

    The reviews around the internet do not look good for the 7 Days To Die console ports. We recommend you do your own research before buying the game for your PS4 or Xbox.

    Feedback About The Game

    7dtd reviews - 7 Days To Die7 Days To Die has scored an impressive Mostly Positive sentiment rating on Steam. The latest reviews for the game are almost entirely from people saying how much they love it. Seasoned veterans of the game are constantly saying that the game fills the niche spot very well. The perfect combination of crafting and zombies are what really makes this game.

    Criticisms received for the game lately seem to focus on the lack of new features added. It seems that the developers have focused on optimisation of the core mechanics. Perhaps with time, The Fun Pimps will react to this feedback and start to push the game further.

    Similar Games

    Left 4 Dead 2

    left 4 dead 2 server hostingIf you love zombies and working together to kill them then Left  4 Dead 2 may be right up your street. In this game you team up with 3 other characters to try and escape from the zombie hordes. Every now and again you get a semi-boss style enemy thrown at you to test you. The game is played in episodes, like a horror TV series, each one story driven around zombies.

    The game is available on Steam and scores an Overwhelmingly Positive sentiment among its reviews. The game is great fun and is easy to pick up as a casual game now and then.


    Terraria server hostingThe side on craft and survive game is a little less horror orientated than 7 Days To Die but great nonetheless. Terraria is simply a 2D version of the massive hit game Minecraft. You start with nothing and then scrounge the landscape looking for resources and items. By digging downwards you uncover more valuable loot and harder to defeat enemies.

    Terraria can be a very social game and playing it in groups is awesome. This game has also scored an impress Overwhelmingly Positive review status on Steam. This is another easy to pick up and play survival game worth checking out.


    Minecraft server hostingIf the above 2 games haven’t tickled your fancy then maybe you could try Minecraft? Most people have played or heard about this game, its hard not to have in today’s world. This game also features a craft and survive main goal but in a lot more blocky landscape.

    Minecraft is another very social game with people creating and joining the servers online. Servers can grow to numbers in the thousands and feature many different play style. You could join a server that is for beautiful architecture only or join one where its pure combat. Mojang originally created Minecraft but then sold it to Microsoft for $2.5b several years ago.

    7 Days To Die Server List

    If you are actually looking for a server to play on without renting one you need the 7 Days To Die server list. Our quick responding list retrieves the latest servers and even some with banners for you to browse through. The in game browser can be slow and lack personality so this method can help you decide. You can even add your 7DTD server that you rented for others to find quicker.

    7 Days To Die DLC & Mods

    7 Days To Die DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for 7 Days To Die.

    7 Days To Die Mods

    No mods have been written by us for 7 Days To Die. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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