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    In Ark Survival Evolved you get chucked onto an island inhabited by dinosaurs. It is your aim to survive by crafting weapons and tools to aid in building a safe base.

    Players can choose to start as either and male or female and can work their way up to become the top character. You may prefer to be kind to the prehistoric wildlife and instead tame the animals. You advance through the game by earning experience and unlocking skills.

    As you would expect with most experience based games, the higher your level the more your character can progress.

    Ark Mobile Server Hosting

    On the 15th March 2018 the developers announced a mobile version of the game on Twitter due this year [2018]. As soon as we know the deal with the mobile version of Ark: Survival Evolved we will post more information. We are guessing that the normal servers will be made cross platform eventually for consoles, mobile and desktop.

    Later in the year (October) we found evidence of people discussing that Ark mobile will be offering private servers, we aren’t totally convinced though as we discuss in our Steam group here.

    Choosing Your Perfect Ark Server Hosting Provider

    Read our latest article about choosing your next Ark server hosting provider here.

    Ark: Survival Evolved Features

    As with any sandbox games a lot of the standard game features apply to ARK. Features including hunting dinosaurs and growing crops, constructing shelters and crafting items. You need these skills to overcome the many perils on the island that await. The main feature that sets ARK apart from any other sandbox game is the fact that players can tame/ride any of the 70 creatures. The game is very detailed with each creature having their own progress trees.

    You can read more about Ark Survival Evolved and get access to the reviews left by players on its Steam page here. You are also able to find the DLC available for the game along with some great screenshots. The in name photos and videos to help you decide whether the game really is for you.

    ARK: Survival Evolved DLC & Mods

    ARK: Survival Evolved DLC & Updates

    Ark Update 284.104 10-17-2018

    This update has brought a new variant of Quetzal to the game (Tek Quetzal) and is made primarily of Tek. The maximum player count for Extinction Chronicles V has also been increased by 1.

    In terms of server improvements for Ark, the developers have added better handling for low FPS dino attacking and improvements through the API for server structure.

    ARK Eggcellent Adventure 4-25-2018

    If you are a lover of Easter and Ark then you may be happy to know that the two have combined and you can experience the holiday festivities in game!

    Ark April 2018 Updates 4-10-2018

    A bumper update for Ark that includes words about the Nintendo Switch port of the game for mobile players. A bunch of the dinosaur models have also been updated including the Raptor and the Argentavis.

    Ark March 2018 Update 2-28-2018

    The team based dinosaurs based on Raptors are getting an overhaul. These pesky creatures are getting a visual work over to improve the Ark in game experience. The alligator-like Sarcosuchus is also getting some work done to it and its death roll attack.

    Ark: Survival Evolved Feb 2018 2-3-2018

    A massive revamp of some of the dinosaurs not just visually but also in the way that the players interact with them. 2018 is off to a bang with Ark and many updates are due through out the year as well as a new DLC.

    Ark Update Jan 2018 1-15-2018

    Lots to talk about in this Ark update, mostly new dinosaurs such as the Procoptopdon, big wolves and the Bigfoot. The game developers do not seem to be slowing down with the updates to this game any time soon.

    Ark Aberration 12-15-2017

    A new set of challenges await you in Aberration, the latest DLC for Ark Survival Evolved. This new content for the game brings toxic new plants and tough new dinosaurs for the player to tame.

    The dark new setting of the underground world is a completely contrast view to the previous light and airy outside world experienced by players previously. Its obvious the creators have tried to really make the game harder for the pro players that have stuck with the title since its release in 2015.

    Initial reception is being described by steam as “Mostly Positive” with the few complaints sticking out mainly being due to personal preference.

    Ark Aberration server hosting is being offered by the sites we list prices for as support for the DLC is pretty widespread already.

    Ark Scorched Earth 9-10-2017

    The first DLC to be released for Ark, Scorched Earth chucks you into a tough dry desert environment with a new set of obstacles. Unlike the original Ark where water is abundant, you must scrounge and source with great difficulty that liquid gold that is water.

    Alongside a new set of difficulties comes a new range of beasts to fight and tame with over 50 new tools and weapons.

    The general feel from the community is that it was a step in the right direction with a good value for money price tag.

    Most server hosting companies have adapted quickly to be able to provide high levels of support for this add on.

    ARK: Survival Evolved Mods

    Ark Ziplines Mod

    Anywhere that is cool has a zip-line: playgrounds, Vegas and now Ark Survival Evolved. This mod available in the Steam Workshop once easy installed gives you access to zip-line systems to cut down on the time it takes you to drop down from higher positions on the map.

    Rideable Alpha Dodo's

    Have you ever thought that the Dodo’s in the game were pretty useless apart from an easy source of meat? Well why not install this mod from the Steam Ark Workshop that allows you to saddle up on an adult Dodo and take it for a wild ride around the map.

    Noob Starter Kit

    A huge barrier to many in craft and survive games like Ark is the massive let down experienced when you perish and have to start again. The Noob Starter Kit is a mod available on the Steam Ark Workshop that gives the player a bunch of tools and resources to get going again.

    Jetpack Mod

    Not exactly keeping in with the dinosaur theme of the game, this mod allows you to put on a jetpack and zoom around the map. Blast off and away from your enemies ensuring a trail of jealousy and cries of cheating. Available on the Steam community Ark workshop for easy install.

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