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    Bukkit – as far as mods go may not exactly be the most interesting tool for Minecraft to-date, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most useful. Bukkit is a simple API that allows for players and programmers to make their own plugins for servers. These servers can either be their own, a friend’s, or someone else entirely; all depends on who you wish to give it to. It doesn’t take too long to set up and if you’ve got some background in programming, the overall usage of Bukkit isn’t that difficult.

    Most popular Bukkit plugins

    1. WorldEdit – adds a world editing platform into Bukkit
    2. PermissionsEx – includes important changes to the game for claiming land and restricting building in certain areas
    3. WorldGuard – is another plugin that restricts building and access to areas with more advanced features like regeneration of health
    4. Essentials – is a great mod for Bukkit server hosting admins that help control the players and set rules
    5. Vault – adds an economy and the tools needed to control it and make the most out of it for the sake of your server
    6. Multiverse-Core – maintains additional worlds within a server using portals
    7. Citizens – brings non player characters into a server to bring the worlds to life
    8. Holographic Displays – allows for the addition of holographic displays in game to relay information to the players on a server
    9. ClearLagg – adds a lot of server hosting improvements but mostly it reduces lag
    10. AuthMe Reloaded – helps keep players authenticated and stops people using others names


    Alongside Bukkit is its counterpart CraftBukkit, which is used to run these plugins. That doesn’t mean you have to use these plugins or any that can be gathered. Instead, CraftBukkit can be used perfectly well as a server host that streamlines the whole process. A server that runs off of CraftBukkit typically loads faster, runs better and with less lag. CraftBukkit is effectively the vanilla software, that’s been amped up to be easier on the user and their experience.

    Bukkit Server

    bukkit logo - BUKKITDealing with your own server isn’t typically easy, but through the use of Bukkit and CraftBukkit it does make things easier. Everyone in the server will enjoy the decreased amounts of lag, that’s for sure. Plus, anyone who wishes to enjoy a wide variety of plugins have it at their disposal through this system. Even if that doesn’t help, you can always create your own. If you’ve got the know-how, they aren’t difficult to install onto the server either. This might be a system that takes a bit of time to get used to, it ends up being worth it before too long, that’s for sure.

    You can find a list of the plugins available for Bukkit on the official Bukkit website so you can sort through them and decide as a group what to install on your own Bukkit server hosting.

    This game is a mod for Minecraft and extends the functionality through added blocks and gameplay modes.


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