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56 Conan Exiles server hosting prices [2024]

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    We have amassed a list on this page of Conan Exiles server hosting providers. This consists of some of the biggest names in the industry. You will find that you can host the game almost anywhere in the world with plenty of companies offering USA and Canadian locations.

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    Best Conan Exiles Server Host

    Conan: Exiles is the second major release from the same developers that designed and developed the incredible Ark: Survival Evolved. Currently Ark is one of the most popular online survival games to date. Conan is designed in the same regard as Ark. Set in the realm of Conan the Barbarian, you awake as an exile, with quite literally nothing to your name. You have nothing except the loin cloth wrapped around your waist. While the game is currently only available on Steam Early Access, the developer is regularly updating the game to become an experience that is similar to Ark: Survival Evolved, simply in a different world that seems to have considerably more sand than in Ark.Best Conan Exiles Server Host

    Conan Exiles Server

    You can either join top Conan servers with a few friends or complete strangers in the platform. Once there you create the best tribe that server has ever seen. The aim is to become the alpha or you can hop onto single-player to design your own home, buildings, and overall settlement. After long enough (at least online) it won’t just be random creatures coming after you. As you are bound to bring the attention of other players and that’s where things get interesting. That settlement of yours is going to need to be properly defended with traps and whatnot. So to ensure all of your hard work isn’t burnt down before your very eyes protect your stuff.

    Conan Exile Visuals

    With a slightly darker approach on the realism factor both Ark and Conan: Exiles pulls off, there’s plenty of sandy areas in the game. Occasionally you’ll find a bright, vibrant oasis that definitely picks up the visuals when you see it. As far as survival games, Conan still has a lot of development on the horizon to make it perfect. It is going to end up like Ark: Survival Evolved before too long, becoming another great, online survival game for players to sink hundreds of hours into.

    What Makes Conan Exiles Great?

    The game has gone from good to bad and then back to good again according to its reviews on Steam. To work out what makes Conan Exiles so great I will list its unique and best features:

    • Its an in depth survival game with animals and magical creatures all set out to make your life harder or easier, its your job to work out which
    • Its a deep build and survive title that has a massive amount of items and structural parts to build awesome, extensive bases
    • The exploration and its visuals make you feel like you are exploring ancient ruins with something new around each corner. If you were a fan of Tomb Raider and its mystical qualities then you are going to love this
    • Mythological creatures add a sense of wow to the game, the sheer size and power of them blow the player away
    • Multiplayer mode in online servers allow you to team up or go against your friends within the game
    • The modding side of Conan opens it up to many third party adjustments so that the game can evolve much like Minecraft and Ark: Survival Evolved did

    Game Server Hosting History

    A lot of the same hosting companies that handled Ark: Survival Evolved picked up the game. The dedicated server files were very similar so it was an easy task. You will find the pricing roughly the same for this as Ark. This is refreshing as Ark servers were priced high at first due to issues getting going. A lot of providers found huge issues with the original Ark dedicated server which transferred to Conan Exiles.

    The Top & Cheapest Hosting Providers

    As it’s a new game it was slightly harder to choose a “best Conan Exiles Server hosting provider”. We went by what worked for the other similar title Ark: Survival Evolved.

    Cheapest Conan Exiles Server Hosting

    low ms logo 1 - Conan ExilesIf your main priority is the price before you buy then go straight to the top of the price list. Right now that position is dominated by LOW.MS. This provider is new to CompareGameHosting but has been round for a while now. They have a huge amount of games that they cater for and jump on-board with the new Early Access games very quickly.

    If you decide to go with LOW.MS then please let us know how it went. You can find a review form on their host page, easily find-able by clicking on their logo in the price list above.

    Best Conan Exiles Server Host

    survival serversWe have deemed Survival Servers as our best Conan Exiles server host provider. Time and time again this company rise above everyone else with features they offer. The custom built control panel they have allows them to add features unseen by others.

    They also have their roots in game development, having created mods for the Arma series in the past. They have brought this knowledge into the game hosting world and it really shows.

    Server Features

    When you go through to rent a Conan exiles server make sure they offer these important features:

    Map Changing

    Without the correct support in the game hosting control panel this can be a nightmare. Providers like Survival Servers allow you to change the in game map straight from the control panel. Most other game hosting companies will have some sort of method of doing this but it all depends on accessibility. Being able to do this yourself removes the need to talk to support staff. Raising a support ticket and asking for a map change can take time and effort not needed.

    Oxide & Mod Support

    rust oxide - Conan Exiles

    The hugely popular mod pack controller Oxide is available for Conan: Exiles. Games that have access to Oxide then gain a whole new array of mods. The mod pack manager Oxide helps keep your modded server easily manageable.

    Conan: Exiles on Consoles

    With the success of Ark: Survival Evolved on consoles it only seemed natural to bring Conan to the platforms too. It’s available on the Xbox One at some point in 2018 with beta testing currently underway. The price of the game is said to $34.99 at release making it relatively well priced for a console game. It will be interesting to see if the server hosting files for the console release will work cross platform for Conan.

    Similar Games

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    ark survival evolved server hostingThe obvious game that is the most similar to Conan: Exiles that we have mentioned already is Ark. In Ark: Survival Evolved you must survive in a dinosaur filled prehistoric land.

    The game has a lot to do and you can travel in lots of different directions in terms of development of your character. Instead of magic the game tries to be a bit more realistic, apart from the fact that you can tame dinosaurs.

    Dark & Light

    dark light cover - Conan ExilesIf you like the magic element to Conan: Exiles then maybe check out Dark & Light. This newer game is like Harry Potter on steroids. Using the power of magic you must craft and survive as well as cast spells. The game is seeing constant development all the time with updates being regular. The main negative point to mention about the game is the current negative sentiment caused by hacking on private servers. This is an easy issue for the developers to sort out so it shouldn’t be long till its fixed.

    Conan: Exiles Server List

    conan exiles server list screen - Conan ExilesIf you are looking for a Conan: Exiles server to play on then check out our server list. Using our lightning fast system to search for a game server to play on tends to make more sense. The in game server browser can be slow and lacks the personality that the list provides. You can really get a feel of a server before joining it by checking the banner that they use.

    Conan Exiles DLC & Mods

    Conan Exiles DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Conan Exiles.

    Conan Exiles Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Conan Exiles. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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