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    Feed The Beast originally was a launcher that brought with it one of the most played modpacks along with it, FTB Unleashed. Unleashed was a modpack that brought so many different aspects into one singular pack. That experience was one similar to an RPG – if you blended an epic RPG with Minecraft, then you’ve got a decent description of FTB Unleashed.

    Nowadays, Feed The Beast remains as one of the primary launchers and sources of modpacks, with very little competition.

    feed the beast screen - Feed The Beast Server HostingAvailable on the Feed The Beast launcher is a great variety of different modpacks. Many of them are completely different to one another, whereas some might have just some slight changes. This selection allows the player to have exactly the experience they want in Minecraft, without any worries. A big problem with mods (at least originally) was how painful they were to install. While it isn’t as big of an issue as it originally was, Feed The Beast streamlines the whole process. Throughout this process, every mod is tested to ensure it works with all the others, without issue. That means every modpack you decide to try out is free from problems and will work as intended.

    Just like the Tekkit launcher, Feed The Beast allows for players to use mods in servers with ease. Running one of these modpacks on a server is a breeze and is pretty much hassle free. Playing with a few friends on a server with some of the best mods around has never been easier, all thanks to Feed The Beast. After the initial setup you’ll be ready to go and enjoy the world of Minecraft with its new additions!

    Where To Download Feed The Beast

    The official Feed the Beast website has the files available to download the mod for Minecraft. You will also find a selection of sub mods for the mod pack such as Sky Factory and Infinity which will further transform your vanilla MC experience.

    If you get stuck and need to find any answers to your questions that you may have about FTB, check out the official wiki. There are literally thousands of support pages that can help you find recipes or guides on how to do anything in the mod.

    If the official wiki fails to answer the problems that you may have come across check out the unofficial wiki. Its very old and does contain some outdated principles but is known to contain information that the official page hasn’t got round to covering yet.

    How To Install Feed The Beast

    1. Backup your installation of Minecraft as you are going to be playing around with the core mechanics and files of the game.
    2. Download and install Twitch, the recommended launcher of the Feed The Beast team.
    3. Download the FTB files from this page, they are going to be needed by Twitch to install the mod.
    4. Now you have the Feed the Beast files on your computer, open the .exe file and it should launch through Twitch. You will probably need to login to Twitch at the same time so be sure to have signed up.

    Feed The Beast Hosting

    host havocThe hosts that appear on the Minecraft server hosting price lists on CompareGameHosting are the most likely to move around. Our list of MC providers is the largest for any game on our site and its because of this that they are most volatile.

    The most likely game hosting companies to appear as cheapest are: Host Havoc and Enderman Hosting. These 2 companies have a catalogue of games that aren’t necessarily Minecraft so they don’t specialise like some other companies.

    You do tend to find the specialist companies charge more for their packages but they do offer a higher quality control panel. The custom built control panel of the specialist Minecraft providers usually contain the latest mods and maps ready to install for their customers.

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    In total there are a 150 improvements that players have free access to and it’s very easy to add these to your server. You simply have to first download spigot and then choose which improvements to add. It couldn’t be simpler.

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