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    You can find Garry's Mod server hosting fairly cheap now. The game uses very little server resources thanks to it being so well optimised. Many of the larger well respected game hosting providers offer GMod. You will also find the newer, smaller companies offering it too thanks to its ease to set up. Be sure to pick a reputable hosting company featured on this site for peace of mind.

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    The Best GMOD Server Hosting Providers

    best gmod server host

    A game that seems as old as time, Garry’s Mod is one of the original sandbox classics. It does seem as though GMod set the trend for games that allow you to make the rules. Before GMod, games typically followed a fixed path, killing as you go along.

    With the tools available to you that were developed for the Half Life 2 Source engine you can go wild. Going wild is exactly what Garry’s Mod does well. During online play you will see some odd things going on with other players. The game allows you to control facial movements as well as the objects around you.

    Many videos have been created using the Gmod game as a filming platform. Like the Mac vs. PC spoof video seen here, video producers are able to take advantage of the sheer customise-ability and control available in this epic game.

    GMod still possess the large audience with many players returning after getting bored or newer games. According to SteamCharts the game rarely falls out of the top 15 played games at any one time. Thanks to the modding community, the game continues to evolve. Game developers have awoken to the fact that modders can keep a game current for many years to come. The continued sales are much to the joy of these developers coffers.

    Places you can find mods for GMod:

    • Steam Community official mods page for Garry’s Mod
    • GarrysMods is a specialised site just for this game
    • MOD DB have loads of mods for all sorts of games
    • GameBanana specialise in sorting mods for loads of different titles

    Garry’s Mod Server Hosting History

    Most game hosting companies offer a Garry’s Mod package or have done at some point. The game is easy to host as it usually comes pre-installed in the control panel TCAdmin. Using TCAdmin a game hosting company can easily start selling the hosting for games. The hosting companies we compare prices for have experience good reputations.

    We don’t allow new companies that haven’t proved themselves yet. It’s these checks that mean you are sure to get a decent level of service. We actively encourage people to come back and let us know how they got on with the company they chose. We just want you to use the best gmod server.

    Best & Cheapest Game Server Hosting

    The two main kind of buyers to visit this page are the kind looking for the cheapest and those looking for the best gmod server hosting. We make sure that you can quickly find what you need in the above price list. If your aim is a bit different, you should still have the tools you need.

    Cheap GMod Server Hosting

    host havoc

    According to our price list, the cheapest Garry’s Mod server hosting is provided by Host Havoc. With what started out as a one man run game hosting company has blossomed into a behemoth. Host Havoc now employ an army of technicians and experts who work tirelessly to improve their service. We usually only receive positive reviews about the company.

    The company has excelled in offering the cheapest packages for games on CompareGameHosting. They have achieved this awesome feat by reducing costs on their end. Through automation and knowing their hardware inside and out they have slashed prices year on year.

    Don’t bother with any of those free gmod server hosting companies. Their quality is often poor and given the price Host Havoc offer, it’s just worth siding with them instead.

    Best Garry’s Mod Server Hosting

    The company that holds the title for the best Gmod server hosting accomplishment is also the cheapestHost Havoc have proved to us through countless positive reviews from customers that they are king. The features they offer and the experience of the support staff have convinced us that they deserve the “best Garry’s Mod server hosting” position on our site.

    Dedicated Server Features

    When looking at the Garry’s Mod server hosting providers be sure that they offer:

    Mod Support

    In the world of GMod altering the game further is important. Armies of coders and visionaries have worked hard to bring new features to the game. These private developers who don’t work for the company that sell the game do it for the glory. Having support for mods on your Garry’s Mod server hosting is very important. This is even more apparent for people who currently use mods or are planning on.

    Many hosting companies with custom control panels or ones that use TCAdmin will have mod support. Be sure to check on the page explaining the companies features when you go through to order.


    One of the reasons you get a server is for stability. The problem is that no machine worldwide is 100% stable. Having automated backups and an easy way to restore them is very important. Be sure to check that the hosting company you choose have auto backups. We check most companies to be sure they do but sometimes they may cut them to reduce costs.

    Facepunch Studios

    facepunch studios logo 2 - Garry's ModGarry’s Mod was initially the work of one man, Garry Newman. He took the Half Life 2 game and created a mod for it and thus Garry’s Mod was born. Newman then went on to incorporate Facepunch Studios in 2009 with which he then created the hit survival game Rust.

    Its said that Facepunch started working on the game Rust out of frustration of DayZ. The gaming community has been angry at the developers of DayZ due to the colossal time that it has taken for it to be finished. It wouldn’t be so bad but they have already sold millions of copies while apparently abandoning the project.

    Garry’s Mod on Console

    It looks as though getting GMod onto the major game consoles is just a pipe dream. People are campaigning for it if this petition is anything to go by. The consoles are great places for casual games to be ported to. Garry’s Mod could be seen as a kind of 3D version of the popular Little Big Planet. In Little Big Planet players can route through a single player world or build worlds themselves. As GMod is now over 10 years old the chances of it happening are diminishing. With Facepunch Studios focusing most of their time on Rust and maybe even porting that title to console, it seems unlikely.

    Feedback From Players

    garrys mod reviews - Garry's Mod

    Once the right kind of player gets hold of a copy of GMod they usually then stick to it. The game has a lot of replayability and it shows in the reviews. The tide of the feedback sentiment has changed in recent years according to Steam. With the game only scoring Very Positive compared to it scoring Overwhelmingly Positive reviews. This should be expected though really as the game matures and people move onto other titles.

    The developers interests are now in the next generation of gaming with Rust for example. One reason that the sentiment may have dropped may be that die hard fans are annoyed at the lack of any really evolution in the game. Garry’s Mod has stayed the same game for many years. This could be seen as a good thing from fans as well as bad.If something isn’t broke, why fix it?

    Sales & Player Stats

    According to SteamCharts, the game usually sits comfortably in the top 15 and sometimes climbs into top 10. The game used to see periods of 75,000 players at one in its heyday, around 2015.

    Garry’s Mod is in the Steam library of almost 15 million people worldwide. Although according to SteamSpy around a million of those people have never actually played the game.

    Similar Games

    As a genre creating game its not hard to find similar games. GMod can be compared to a lot of other titles but they are usually quite different. If you want the first person view along with crafting and creativity, try these:


    Minecraft server hostingMinecraft seemed to take what was great about GMod and really run with it. In Minecraft you have access to blocks and a randomly generated world. The landscape that you play in is probably the biggest difference between the two.

    Most players of Minecraft don’t play single player on their own machine. Much like Garry’s Mod, people want to join a private server with other people. Its this community effect that can really take the game onto the next level. Randomness of people will always add a sense of personality to a game, definitely obvious in Garry’s Mod.

    Scrap Mechanic

    scrap mechanic server hostingIf you are a big fan of the mechanical side of creations then try Scrap Mechanic. The game lacks any survival mode right now, much to the annoyance of its player base. If you are after a way to let out your inner engineer then Scrap Mechanic is a great game. Using simple parts with active elements like engines you can create all sorts of vehicles. The game also has a multiplayer element, although only in the way of co-op building. The game does not have private servers yet though but are planned.


    rust server hostingFrom the same development company, Rust is another crafting game with building in it. The game is much more geared to be a survival sandbox title though with challenges such as wolves thrown at you. The game seems to be the next natural progression from Garry’s Mod. It is as if Facepunch Studios looked at what was taking off next and went with it. If you love Garry’s Mod then their is a good chance you will want to add Rust to your gaming library.

    Garry’s Mod Server List

    Server list websites are a great way to expand your potential reach of interested GMod players.  Players that could join your Garry’s Mod server. Our sister project BestServers keeps tabs on thousands of machines worldwide with Garry’s Mod making up a sizeable portion of them. You can find our Garry’s Mod server list here. Be sure to sign up and submit your own server when you have found one that suits you using the price list on this page.

    Garry’s Mod DLC & Mods

    Garry’s Mod DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Garry’s Mod.

    Garry’s Mod Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Garry’s Mod. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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