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    Finding a Top Hytale Server Host Provider

    Hytale hosting was created by the guys who ran the most successful Minecraft servers in the world, Hypixel. They wanted to take what they had learnt and make the ultimate stand alone game. They say it’s the ideal blend of RPG and survival with the best elements of each fused into one package.

    The game is set for release in 2019 and is rumoured to be coming to consoles as well as the PC. The server tech for the Hytale game will be Java, like Minecraft, although the client will be C# (according to a blog post on the Hytale website).

    Best Hytale Server Hosting

    The developers have spent a lot of time on the server browser aspect of the game also, they understand that this was a frustrating element to Minecraft (which is common with cheap game hosting) and they wanted to improve that experience. With the best Hytale hosting you can tag your Minecraft server in many ways so that players can find their ideal match. With Minecraft you had to browse through unofficial server list websites that were out of date and unreliable, now its all built into the game.

    A Hytale server is designed to make server modding easy, Hypixel know the importance of this and built there company on the back of this functionality. They say that scripting will be easy and it seems that what would have taken many plugins on Minecraft will be accessible as standard with this game. Perhaps quests and RPG aspects will be customisable even by beginners setting up their first server.

    This game is a mod for Minecraft and extends the functionality through added blocks and gameplay modes.

    This game is a mod for Minecraft and extends the functionality through added blocks and gameplay modes.


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