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    hytale town center - HytaleHytale allows players to go on a journey of creativity and adventure that immerses them in a computer generated world of large towers and scary dungeons. The game is supportive of mini game creation, block by block construction, and scripting. This is all done via the use of powerful and easy to use tools.

    As players make their way through the different landscapes, they can piece together history via adventure scenarios that have been handcrafted. On a journey it is likely that players will encounter everything from a spooky underground cavern, a castle overrun by monsters, and even a gigantic boss monster.

    Best Hytale Server Hosting

    Although there is a number of server hosting options out there for this game, the best is through GameServers. What makes this service stand out from the rest of the competition is that hit has locations all over the world – including Europe, USA & Canada, and Australia.

    Thanks to the size of their gaming network, players are able to switch their server between any of the company’s data centres. In addition to this, there is 24 / 7 customer support available, instant activation, and the ability to fund n account via several different options – including via ClanPay.

    The Best Hytale Server Hosts:

    1. GameServers
    2. Survival Servers
    3. Streamline Servers
    4. Roxservers
    5. PingPerfect
    6. Host Havoc

    Cheap Hytale Server Hosting Provider

    Whilst GameServers provide the best possible gaming experience, their relatively high cost of $7.98 may put those players who are on a budget off. For those who are looking for a value for money option Survival Servers is the best host to use.

    In addition to being cheap, the company provides players with a control panel for each of their easy to set up servers. Should players experience any problems, their customer support team can be easily contacted either via email or via an online ticket system. For any quick questions that players may have, their staff maintained wiki contains information on how to get started and how to admin the game server. There are community forums for players to participate in where they can ask questions and share information with other server users.

    Features of The Best Hytale Server Hosting

    Some of the features that can be expected from any of the server hosting companies that have been mentioned above including things such as 24 / 7 customer support, instant set up, a large network, DDoS protection, community forums, and various payment methods.

    24 / 7 Customer Support

    Any good hytale server hosting company should not have their customers waiting hours or possibly even days in order to get a response from a question or a query that you send them. The best ones out there, such as Host Havoc and Streamline Servers, provide round the clock customer and technical support that typically only has you waiting a matter of minutes in order to get a response back from them.

    Instant Set Up

    Gaming servers should be instantly deployed so that players can start making use of the service straight away. This is typically followed up by an email from the server hosting provider informing players on how to get connected. Some of the best companies at ensuring that their servers are set up as quick as possible include Survival Servers and Host Havoc.

    Large Network

    The larger the network of servers that the company has, the better it is for players. The best hosts, such as PingPerfect and GameServers, have servers that are located in all regions of the world and include countries, such as Russia, Canada, USA, France, UK, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa.

    Payment Methods

    Having a wide variety of payment methods available through which players can pay for the game server hosting service opens it up to more people from all over the world where certain payment options are more prominent. Some of the companies that allow players to pay via Bitcoin, PayPal, bank transfer, and even ClanPay, include GameServers and Roxservers.

    Hytale Server History

    Although the idea for the game was first developed back in 2014 and production started in early 2015, the game is not expected to be released until the year 2021. In preparation for the game becoming playable to everyone, some of the biggest server hosting provider out there (mentioned above) have made their services available for Hytale.

    Hytale on Consoles

    As it currently stands, the sandbox type game that is Hytale, just like Minecraft, will be available on both the Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows platforms. This means that it can be played on a desktop or laptop computer, or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, which has been made by one of these two technology brands.

    Feedback From Players

    Despite the fact that the video game has not yet been released, it has still garnered lots of interest from potential future players. The official trailer for the game was released in December of 2018 and received in excess of 31 million unique views within the first month of its release.

    This game is a mod for Minecraft and extends the functionality through added blocks and gameplay modes.


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