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116 Minecraft: Pocket Edition server hosting prices [2024]

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    The mobile version of MC requires a special setup that is offered separate of the vanilla install by server providers. The best and cheapest Minecraft Pocket server hosting providers have been highlighted on this page to make your shopping easier.

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    Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the ever-successful version of Minecraft, originally meant for mobile. Before too long, though, it was redesigned to work for consoles as well. Instead of simply being stuck on the PC platform, Mojang made the change for both mobile and consoles. Now, players can enjoy Minecraft wherever they like, without needing to bring a laptop. Mobile, Xbox One, PS4, and even the Nintendo Switch have this new version of Minecraft available to them. Thanks to this change, fans and creative minds alike can enjoy Minecraft wherever they like. They could be in the car, on the train or floating out in space. Minecraft: Pocket Edition allows you to enjoy the game wherever you feel like it.

    In terms of the visuals, Minecraft: Pocket Edition looks no different from the regular version of the game. Pigs, cows, creepers, skeletons, and everything else in the game all have their classic look to them. All skills you’ve learned from years of Minecraft will be perfectly transferable onto this title, just with a changed control scheme. While on touchscreen or consoles it might take a little work to get to grasp with the controls. Doesn’t mean that it will take long before you’re building your dream home once again!

    Even the Pocket Edition has access to many different servers, alongside LAN servers which let you play Minecraft in the same room. Everything inside of Pocket Edition is there to ensure that you can play with ease, regardless of your experience. You can simply open the game for the first time and before 5 minutes you will have been taught to play. Pocket Edition is the perfect excuse to get into Minecraft, without having any worries to hold you back.

    Difference Between Standard & Pocket Edition

    Pocket Edition is a watered down version of the standard desktop version of Minecraft. In PE the developers have removed a lot of features and in game content to make the game run on all sorts of devices, such as:

    • Skins, you are unable to change your characters skin in game
    • Textures, you are unable to change the way the scenery looks like you did in the desktop version
    • Mods, the element that allows Minecraft to evolve over time with additional content and in game systems was removed
    • Smaller maps, to help with RAM & storage usages the maps were shrunk right down so you now have more chance of hitting an invisible in game wall like something out of the Truman Show

    MCPE Devices

    Currently Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available on Android and iOS devices as well as some games consoles. You are able to buy the game on disk in shops or download the game through game console online shops like the PlayStation store. Although the game is a watered down version of the desktop version it can still be good fun sat on your sofa leisurely playing it.

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    Terraria server hostingTerraria was also released on tablet and mobile a few years ago after the huge popularity of the PC version. Players can now take their Terraria games on the road with this addition. With the game having being ported over you will be able to take the game where ever you go.

    Both games are very similar in many ways to their PC counterparts. But the only downside of this game on mobile is the fact that there is no server hosting feature currently. If you want to play the game with friends then you will need to download the PC version.

    Scrap Mechanic

    scrap mechanic server hostingScrap Mechanic is very much like Minecraft in regards to the voxel style. This game has players focusing a lot deeper on the game physics. With a core feature being the mechanical aspect and building of vehicles, there is a huge range of materials and parts that players can piece together to make inventions. The can range from standard cars right up to helicopters and even automated houses.

    This is a game for players that want to push their creativity to the next level. The game currently has limited server hosting options. But the single player and co-operative are more than enough to keep any mind busy.

    This game is a mod for Minecraft and extends the functionality through added blocks and gameplay modes.


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