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    Rend recently updated the game launching Patch 3 which saw the addition of many new features. The update was released on the 28th of august and addressed some of the issues brought up by the community. One of the most notable changes in this patch was the control point leveling. Players now gain at least 250 reputation and a huge 2500 points every time they capture a control point. This has made a little improvement in the leveling process when trying to capture points. The also now grant an extra 0.5% of the remaining spirits which get added to the victory of the owning faction. This occurs on a daily basis so it’s well worth taking advantage of these small bonuses.

    Another small change that impacts the game is the taming limitations. Players are now limited to only placing their taming Lures and totems in the spirit realm. This has limited many players as the taming process has now been restricted slightly. Although developers have combated this change by increasing the progress completion. Which means lures and totems will tame a lot quicker than before.

    Many players will also be pleased to know that a lot of in game recipes costs have improved. Developers have no balanced out the costs of the following recipes. Taming Lures, Taming Totems and Lesser and Greater Totems of the Otherside. Unlike the other two updates these were the only changes to the costing of recipes. But we at CGH feel that they could have changed a few more to reduce a couple recipe costs.

    The last thing we we would like to add from the recent update is the changes in the pets feature. The biggest improvement saw a reduce in PVP mount damage. Seeing a decline of 25% which means your mount is now more effective in PVP. Which also goes head in hand with another patch. Which improves your mounts effectiveness in combat as well as an extra harvest bonus. Allowing you to collect items quicker.

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