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    The major game server providers have now started offering Space Engineers server hosting. The cheapest and best server hosts for this game are listed at the top of the price list.

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    Best Space Engineers Server Hosting

    SurvivalServers is by far the best Space Engineers server host because they offer a wide range of games, a custom control panel, and prices that cannot be beat by anyone.

    Here is our complete list of the best space engineers hosting providers in 2020 with Game Servers leading the charge at top of the list!

    • GameServers
    • Survival Servers
    • Host Havoc
    • PingPerfect

    list of the Best Space Engineers Server Hosting

    What is Space Engineers?

    This massively popular space building game rose from its original simple form created by Keen Software House. The game quickly grew a die hard audience and evolved into an advanced crafting sandbox experience. With the addition of wheels and logic Space Engineers continues to become a dream game for geeks who’s heart is set out of this world.

    Space Engineers is still going strong after all these years and the crowds didn’t disappear to Medieval Engineers like many people believed would be the next natural progression for its players. Medieval Engineers lacked any clear goal as a game and quickly became boring. When games like Ark: Survival Evolved was giving players an advancement tree and more sophisticated game play its no surprise players left.

    In Space Engineers you can easily build gigantic space craft that fly or drive on planets. The game started off as a simple sandbox game that was like Minecraft creative mode but in space. As the game exploded in popularity the developers added a survival mode which requires the mining of resources in order to create more building blocks. Another recommendation from the Space Engineers community that was acted on was the addition of planets. With these bodies now floating through space people could build bases and land based vehicles to drive around.

    Space Engineers still enjoys a decent sized audience of die hard crafters according to SteamCharts. Unique genre smashing titles like SE usually keep their fan base until something better comes along which it seems hasn’t happened yet.

    Features added later into the game which made Space Engineers so much better:

    • Planets and moons – this totally transformed the game from a simple fly around space simulator into a galaxy exploring game
    • Weapons – a lot of people complained the game felt empty without weapons
    • Enemy NPC’s – something to challenge you with when playing single player
    • Electricity – one more thing to work on perfecting in your ship to bring it to life

    Who’s Cheapest & Who’s Best?

    Their isn’t a huge difference in the price between the best and cheapest Space Engineers server hosting providers.

    Cheapest Space Engineers Server Hosting

    roxserversThe current cheapest provider in our list is a game hosting company thats been around for many years. RoxServers have a relatively good reputation among the gaming community and a decent sized catalogue of games they cater for. They do tend to focus on survival style games though so if this is what you are into then Rox know their stuff about this genre of games.

    These guys are great for mod support as they have a large limit on RAM that you are able to take advantage of.

    Best Space Engineers Server Hosting

    gameserversThe king of game server hosting companies is They are backed by one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world who own data centres and all sorts of high end technology.

    These guys are known for their incredible levels of support and rock solid platform. If you don’t mind spending the additional cost then you will be rewarded with a high quality service. If you look at the reviews we get for them you will see that they don’t often leave their customers unhappy.

    Player Feedback

    The game receives a lot of positive feedback from players on the official Steam page for Space Engineers. A lot of people have recently started to talk about the lack of updates to the game meaning it is less likely to have a long shelf life. People are speaking about the game being replaced by games like Dual Universe.

    Another common theme among reviews is the criticism of the game slowing down as the new additions to it had been made. This could be a sign that the developers have added new ideas but not efficiently optimised the code to use the computers resource.

    Similar Games

    If you are mad for space games and love building then these following sandbox style games should be right for you.


    stationeers server hosting 1 - Space EngineersA recent addition to the sandbox in space genre of games, Stationeers is a highly technical game. If you thought Minecraft and games like that are too easy then this game will blow your socks off. Players must construct their base using metal parts and a mix of tools with airlocks and other life support systems. You also have to wire and plumb a mixture of systems without any real help from an in game tutorial.

    Stationeers will have you scratching your head for days but once you crack it you will feel like a god. You can find the game available now on Steam for a fair price considering the amount of content in it.


    hellion thumb - Space EngineersAnother space based game with crafting elements but less about building craft. This game is a like a very technical survival game where you have to collect items lying around and combine them. Its a bit of a MacGyver in space kind of game but if you love a mystery you will love Hellion.

    Hellion has a strong multiplayer element as you work in teams of 4 towards a common goal. Much like other co-op games the element of teamwork can really add a new layer to your gameplay. A lot of newer games are encouraging teamwork in smaller groups to increase the social element.


    If you weren’t lured in by the last game then maybe you will be by Empyrion. In this title you actually do get to build your space ship, although not as in depth as Space Engineers. This game focuses more on the exploration and economy side of space travel with enemies and harvesting built into the game rather than a side product like SE.

    Many people speak very highly about Empyrion – Galactic Survival and its available to buy now on Steam.

    Scrap Mechanic

    scrap mechanic server hostingThis title isn’t set in space but the engineer sandbox that it contains is incredible. In Scrap Mechanic you can build all sorts of vehicles and structures and then use them however you want. Their is currently no survival mode so all you can do is practice for when they add that mode. The game does have some troubles when you try to build BIG but for the price that it sells at on Steam you cant really complain about the Early Access title.

    Space Engineers Server List

    If you are struggling to find the ideal server to join as the in game browser isn’t up to the job check out our sister project. BestServers is a site with a lightning fast server list and shows you the banners by default so you can get an idea of the servers environment without having to join.

    Space Engineers DLC & Mods

    Space Engineers DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Space Engineers.

    Space Engineers Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Space Engineers. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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