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    Conquer the seas on your own private server using one of the following land loving Blackwake server hosting providers listed on this page. We have highlighted our best and cheapest companies at the top of the list to make your choice a bit easier.

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    Ever wondered what it’s like to be a pirate or a captain of your own naval ship? Well, Blackwake manages to answer that very question, all thanks to Mastfire Studios who’ve created this first-person naval-combat game for Steam’s Early Access – at least for now. Alongside a few friends or strangers, you set-sail in your naval vessel into the ocean to fight and commandeer whatever poor souls float your way. Every member of the ship has an integral part to play, whether that’s firing a cannon, setting the sails or even steering the ship away from imminent danger.

    Not all conflicts will result in an easy victory, however, so you and your crew are going to need climb aboard with firearms and steel. With both up, close, and personal sword fighting, you’ve also got a trusty firearm by your side to keep your opponent’s guessing – no matter how you fight, as long as you win is all that matters at the end of the day.

    Blackwake Visuals

    blackwake dark deck - Blackwake

    Looking like something out of a Pirate’s of the Caribbean movie, Blackwake has a gorgeous, sprawling ocean that can be greatly affected by any encroaching storms – a presence you’re bound to feel before too long. Both ships and weapons have plenty of detail worked into them and with every single week that goes by the game only proceeds to look and feel that much better.

    Fight clean like a naval officer or dirty like a pirate, in Blackwake you can choose to settle your ocean disputes as you see fit, providing that you’re not currently floating in Davy Jones’ locker after the first encounter, otherwise that poor ship of yours might not be floating for all that much longer.

    Best Points About Blackwake

    The game has established quite a following of hard core fans who love the games team based action, here are the bets bits of Blackwake:

    • Heavy communication – you must keep talking with your team mates and you will find that with practice you become an ultimate ship destroying squad
    • A hierarchy system that sets this game apart from others
    • Sailing a ship using systems that are authentic and cutting edge
    • A passionate set of developers who listen to the player base and make alterations based on feedback
    • A varied game every time, with so many variables at play the game seems completely different every time ensuring Blackwake has massive re-playability

    Who is Cheapest & Who is the Best?

    The thing we do best at CompareGameHosting is help you find game hosting providers. We have over a hundred on our site with reviews and ratings with our own sprinkle of knowledge from testing them out. Our price lists contain the ability to help you make informed decisions about who to choose as your game hosting provider.

    Cheapest Blackwake Server Hosting

    nitrous networksRight now at the time of writing we have Nitrous Networks as our cheapest provider. These guys have an awesome array of games available to host through their website and the reviews we get from customers tell us they are doing great.

    They have been serving the gaming community for years and years and have established themselves as a serious provider that you can trust.

    Best Blackwake Server Hosting

    survival serversOne of our most favourite game hosting companies is Survival Servers. They have a custom built control panel and the level of service you can expect from them is unreal. Customers tell us all the time that the service they received is a cut above the rest. They don’t have a lot of games on their books but the ones they do have the tend to specialise in.

    If you are looking for a reliable Blackwake server hosting provider then Survival Servers are probably the right choice for you.

    Sentiment on Steam

    Blackwake is very popular in terms of reviews. With an impressive 90% being positive. Many comments suggest that the developers are very committed to this game, with a constant focus on updating the game weekly. To keep up with the demand for fresh content, bug fixes and further progression of the game are prioritised.

    Many have praised the fact that there is only 2 people working on the game, which is very impressive, when you look at the amount of work that has been put into the game. Although some of the negative reviews suggest that this game is a “one trick pony” due to the limited content. We are sure this will improve over time though as the current level of work has been exceptional.

    Similar Games

    Blackwake is a game that is fought in small teams attacking other ships from your own. Here is a list of games that we believe are similar to it:

    Battalion 1944

    battalion 1944 - BlackwakeThis new game available on Steam right now is also played in tight nit groups. Set in 1944 World War 2, Battalion is a more personal take on the traditional Call of Duty style FPS games. The reviews for the game have been a bit shaky but like a lot of Early Access titles on Steam, the developers have to iron out the bugs.

    If you love fast paced team work FPS games then Battalion could be the next game for you.

    Blackwake Server List

    Once you have your shiny new Blackwake server hosting you will probably need to advertise your server. You will need to do this to get people playing on it. One method is to just leave it to grow naturally and see who joins it from the list built into the game itself, though this method is slow. We have created a fantastic server list website called BestServers that allows you to submit and search for Blackwake servers. Its worldwide, easy and free to search and submit.

    Blackwake DLC & Mods

    Blackwake DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Blackwake.

    Blackwake Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Blackwake. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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