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    call of duty modern warfare - Call of Duty 4Call of Duty 4 is the first game in the series that takes the experience to an entire new level. With the main focus seeing a shift to the modern world. You can check out a lot of cool opportunities as well as a multitude of new weapons. The settings have also changed, depicting real life places from all over the world. The game is fun as it manages to bring you many ways to level up using a clever ranking system. Especially in the multiplayer where you can engage with players from all over the world. It also has a massive leader board in which you can see your results.

    The game is available on the following platforms:

    • Wii
    • PC
    • Mac
    • PlayStation 3
    • XBox 360

    In game Features

    Unlike the other games in the series, Modern Warfare includes modern era tech and weapons. This is because the game is set in 2011, unlike the previous titles that were set in the 1st and 2nd world wars. Which means there are other additions to the game including “Kill streaks.” Although this feature is only seen in the multiplayer mode of this game. But it allows players to use special perks like Helicopter support and airstrikes. Which will catch any enemy off guard. This is why multiplayer has become a popular feature in Call of Duty 4.

    WI Engine

    The game runs a distinct game engine called the “WI Engine” which has many features. These include HDR lighting effects that work together with new shadowing textures. But the impressive enhancement can be see within the depth of field that got an upgrade. Which saw a huge improvement compared to the older games. The physics engine has also been greatly improved. With players now able to destroy cars and buildings, in real time. The game engine was so effective that Activision Games decided to use it for another two games. Which are Call of Duty: World at War and Quantum of Solace.

    There are currently 8 hosts that offer Call of Duty 4 server hosting. Although it it rather easy to set up your own hosting if you have had experience running servers before. If you would like to save some money we would suggest renting a dedicated server instead. This will allow you to host lots more games on one machine, but will cost a little bit more. You should also note that you will not receive game support with a dedicated machine. As it’s your job to install the configs and set the game files up.

    Similar Games

    Arma 3

    Arma 3 server hostingFor another serious FPS game but a with a much more modern feel you could try Arma 3. According to SteamCharts around 100 times as many people play Arma 3 compared to COD 4 suggesting it is a much better game. In Arma 3 you have access to a whole host of vehicles both ground based and in the air.

    The visuals in Arma 3 are truly breath taking, you can stand back and watch the battlefield unfold in front of you. The sheer scale of hundreds of players all going at each other with weapons and vehicles on a battlefield the size of a small town is enough to bring back players again and again. Call of Duty never did master the art of cinematic warfare but still exceeds in providing an entertaining FPS experience on PC and consoles.

    Batllefield 4

    battlefield 4 server hostingBattlefield and Call of Duty have been battling for over 10 years now as franchises. Constantly trying to outdo each with game after game being released year after year. The latest Battlefield 4 has been a huge hit among the FPS fans as the game takes you to new depths. You can fight on the ground, in the air and on the sea in this epic battlefield set in the modern era.

    The game completely turns the war genre on its head with the brand new game physics. Which allow you to completely destroy anything in game. Making this as realistic as war can be.

    America’s Army Proving Grounds

    americas army proving grounds server hostingAmerica’s Army Proving Ground was created as an access point to army life. With the game challenging player’s in many tasks and objectives, which would see if they were capable and had the skills to join the military in real life.

    The game features 4 maps and players can choose from a range of goals and characters, that they must guide through the game. The game was published in 2002 and was labelled as a communication and recruitment tool. Proving Grounds became popular past it’s initial point and hosting soon became available for a few hosts.

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