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    After the successful release of the first Counter Strike in late 2000 a remake appeared in 2004. This game was of course the popular Counter Strike: Source. Which was actually created on the newer Source game engine, which is why it obtained the name “source.” Much like the original, the game followed the same team based shooting action.

    counter strike source screen - Counter-Strike: SourceThe game works in a series of rounds that have many different objectives. These include killing all players on the opposite team or goal rounds. Such as capture the flag, saving hostages or defusing bombs. Although the victory goes to the team that wins the most rounds at the end of the game.

    The main feature that set Counter Strike apart from other shooters back in 2004, was the fact that once a player died, they were not re-spawn until the next round. This gave the game more of a competitive edge, that hadn’t appeared in shooting games before. The typical style was a re-spawn that happened after a couple of seconds or straight after death. Players can change this if they have their own Counter Strike Source server hosting. But modifying this can be very difficult for novice players, so check the source website for help. There is a few hosts that still offer hosting for this game, but the community has reduced in size. Which means there is less of a demand for hosting.

    Modding Community

    Counter Strike: Source was also one of the first games that hit a big trend in the modding community. Many hackers and mod junkies began to create new content for the game in hope of adding their own mark to the game. A whole range of new content, including maps, gun skins and hacks have all made an appearance in the game. Although a lot of competitive players prefer to play the game on it’s vanilla settings. Which means that a lot of hacks are now banned from in game, as it is of course cheating.

    The game is also a prime example of where the roots of e-gaming came from as a lot of players would play over LAN. Which is where players would come together in one space to compete over one connection. Players opted for LAN competitions as wireless gaming was still in its early stages. It was also seen as less reliable because wireless or online games are more prone to lag. Although we are now living in a more advanced age of technology, most competitive gaming is over LAN. Which of course is popular with Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which is the latest in the game series.

    Places to find mods for Counter-Strike: Source:

    Console Release

    Counter Strike: Source was also released on Valve’s “Orange Box” that is available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Which included a load of other Valve games including Team Fortress 2 and the the Half Life series. The Orange Box was a great release and introduced many console players to the world of PC gaming.

    Similar Games

    The Counter Strike series of games have set many new trends in the online gaming world. These following titles are the ones that we feel share the most in game elements to Counter Strike: Source:

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    counter strike global offense server hostingCS:GO is the most recent addition to the Counter Strike franchise and is loved by millions of gamers worldwide. It is essentially the same game as Source but with some minor improvements, mainly to the graphics and game engine.

    If you are a fan of Source and want to move into the modern age then trying out Global Offensive is almost a sure win, unless your computer system cant handle it.

    Team Fortress 2

    team fortress 2 server hostingCreated by the same software development company Valve, Team Fortress 2 shares the same engine as the latest Counter Strike game (Global Offensive). IN TF2 you are put into 1 of 2 teams and then are asked to choose a specialisation class, such as defence/offence and choice of weapons. The class system really sets this game apart and makes for even more replay-ability as once you have mastered one class you can try another to mix things up.

    The game is free on Steam and maintains a high level of sentiment among reviews even to this day.

    Counter-Strike: Source DLC & Mods

    Counter-Strike: Source DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Counter-Strike: Source.

    Counter-Strike: Source Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Counter-Strike: Source. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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