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    The big game server hosting companies are now starting to offer support for the Early Access game Dark & Light. The difference in the price per slot for the rental of Dark & Light servers is large and below you can see the best and cheapest server hosting prices.

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    Dark and Light takes the stance of being the next best sandbox, survival RPG; very similar to that of something like Ark: Survival Evolved, except this game has less dinosaurs and much more dragons – an improvement many people would consider as necessary. Currently in development by Snail Games, Dark and Light is available on Steam’s Early Access platform and is slowly and steadily be developed and improved with every passing month, with high amounts of new content showing up in the game in regular occurrences.

    Similar to any great RPG out there nowadays, the universe/world is both epic and sprawling and fits perfectly for the genre. Not only are there deep, sprawling forests that you would expect in Lord of the Rings, there’s a great many other locations: shipwrecks, desolate locations, magic ruins, expansive landscapes, along with many other locations to be found by both you and your friends.

    Feel the freedom in Dark and Light to experience epic battles against other players or giant beasts that block out the sun as they approach. As with any good survival sandbox, you can build pretty much wherever you see fit in the world, be it underground or atop a floating island within the sky; creating an epic fortress is certainly in the cards for this title. Just don’t expect it to stay standing for all that long, because just like any survival sandbox, there’s bound to be a player that wants whatever you’ve got, so prepare to defend yourself with some truly powerful magic – after all, those fireballs are bound to leave some serious marks on whoever makes the mistake of attacking you head on!

    Where To Buy D&L

    With games being sold mostly online now you can find plenty of outlets available, but trust can be a major issue online. Here is a list we have put together of the reputable sellers that are known as trusted sources to buy games from:

    • Steam – the official place to buy the game according to the developers website, they seem to have the monopoly with Dark & Light
    • GoCDKeys – although these guys do have a listing for this game they say that Steam is the only place to buy it
    • CompareCDKeys – another comparison site that says Steam has a monopoly over this game

    Similar Games

    Life is Feudal

    life is feudal server hostingThe game Life is Feudal is a standalone version of the MMO that you can host on your own private server. In Life is Feudal you essentially craft and survive and build up a defence in your own base to protect you and your creations. The game is very much like a polished version of Reign of Kings mixed with other great aspects of crafting games.

    The game has been attacked lately in the reviews on Steam as the developers have appeared to have abandoned it with no further updates rolling in. This may change in the future but with people complaining about Life is Feudal not working at all on AMD graphics card this seems pretty serious.

    Citadel: Forged With Fire

    citedal forged with fire screen - Dark & LightBy using magic and dragons you can conquer over everyone else in Citadel: Forged With Fire. The game is set during fantasy medieval times and players must engage in magic and all sorts of witch craft in order to not only survive but rise above all other players.

    The game gets a few good reviews for being an awesome game but the official Steam page is littered with negative reviews following the same theme. Citadel is apparently failing to launch on a lot of machines and when people cant get refunds for a game that doesn’t essentially work they are complaining.

    Wurm Unlimted

    wurm unlimited server hostingWurm Unlimited is a sandbox adventure game that is a standalone of the MMO Wurm Online. In this game you must craft and survive by collecting resources and construct bases and equipment to prolong your life.

    The game is getting more positive reviews with some people switching their reviews from negative. This is a great sign that Wurm Unlimited has been refined by the developers into a cutting edge classic. The only real negative reviews that appear on the Steam page complain about how the game wont even launch on their own computer. This should be a simple fix for the developers and if fixed the game could turn into a real powerhouse in the sandbox survival game genre.

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    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Dark & Light.

    Dark & Light Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Dark & Light. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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